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My LG TV is just shy of 4 years old. Bought using 24 months same as cash since it cost $1600. Before I even had it paid off... it stopped working. Had purchased extended warranty so the TV got repaired. So here I am again, same problem, TV stopped working and am told will cost 3 to $400 for repairs. Have read hundreds of other complaints similar to mine....LG TV's SUCK and we are getting NO satisfaction whatsoever!!! Read more

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Ok so I got a Lg headset from Verizon. So one of the ear buds went out. I returned it to lg in August. While waiting I got a notice saying they didn't have the color that I sent in. I went back to Verizon and got the color I wanted and called lg and told them I wanted a refund cause I just purchased a new headset. This is in August, lets keep that in mine. Ok, they tell me to submit my receipt and I did they tell me that it's not the correct... Read more

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Lg Electronics - LG Washing Machine Rusting in LESS than 2 years
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Bought a new LG Washer and Dryer, Washer model WT5001CW in 2011. In LESS than 2 years, rust began to develop around the bleach dispenser. I do not use bleach in my clothes, only as directed to clean the machine monthly. I contacted their customer service and the rep read a script that rust was not covered. I asked her whether she felt that was acceptable to have the machine rust in less that 2 years. She had to put me on hold, then came back... Read more

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I purchased a LG TV 9/16/15 the screen started flashing and white lines appeared the week before my warranty expired. I called LG and was given the name of Service Center they said yes we will fix it, It is 10/5/16 they still HAVE NOT fixed my TV they will not give the service center the approval number. I have spent so much time on phone with these people.. finally a week ago I was told they mishandled the whole repair process. I have... Read more

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Customer service is trash! Bought a bluetooth that drops calls, cuts off and on by itself and only the right earbud works. Cant seem to get a replacement in 3 months. Each operator tells you something different. Called to speak to supervisor and now they are unavailable gotta call back. Just want my money back. This is horrible!!

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I purchased a one-time extended warrant. They sent out someone who was not "Authorized" to replace parts just diagnose. Found out there was a recall, so LG sent out a different service company. They were not authorized to fix it beyond what the recall allowed. The extended warrant company that LG uses is called Assurant. They wanted to send back out the service company that wasn't authorized to repair parts. When I asked to speak with a... Read more

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Beware of LG!! My four month old microwave quit working. The service company that LG used, picked up the microwave to be repaired in their shop (TV Repair Center in Paris, TX). When it was returned it was smudged and scratched. The repair shop denied doing it, even though we specified on their delivery form that it was damaged, when returned. Even though we had witnesses that it was not damaged before they took it from the home. LG would... Read more

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Lg will charge you up front and then send a guy to tell you you machine is broke and needs parts. then says they will return in a week to do the job and not show up, and when you call lg to complain that no one showed up. and its your fault for not calling them sooner. And if you want to cancel your contract its 100.00. It's a sham!!!!! stay local and never buy LG again. Customer service sucks except when they try to upsell the repair options.... Read more

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Bought NEW LG gas stove from Home Depot, gas flame in oven so high it melted part of inside of stove, replaced regulator, gas valve, burner and other components. Oven still not useable and no help from LG nor Home Depot!!!!! Continue to wait to see if they will fix it but otherwise spent $1600.00 on slide in range that is unusable. Customer service at LG was rude and non helpful to say the least, read every scripted page they could but still... Read more

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In March 2016 I purchased a LG front loading washing machine, and dryer. The machine has been a complete disaster and has been serviced 4 times with parts replaced on the washer. The washer does not ring the water out of the clothes causing me to have to dry the clothes for hours, and sometimes the machine errors out and does not complete the load. I was told in order to return the product to Conns I would have to pay a restocking fee even... Read more

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