My 4.5 yr old free standing, double-oven LG gas range was not in use at the time of the incident. I heard a bang and went into the kitchen - saw nothing.

Heard a louder bang and went back into the kitchen. The "CL" clock rest on the range was displayed and black, acrid smoke was coming out of the control panel. I pulled the plug and called an electrician.

He examined the outlet and said it was fine. Luckily we were home at the time of the incident or the house may have burned.

User's recommendation: Don't buy any LG appliance with a power cord.

Monetary Loss: $1993.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lg Electronics Pros: Last a whole 4 years.

Lg Electronics Cons: Signal end of life by burning your house down.

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Hello Marie, We hate to see that you experienced an issue with your oven and with your help would like to investigate this further. Please reach out to us on social media using either Facebook or Twitter, @LGUSSupport so that my team can assist. Thanks, LG.


I called your service center and they wanted to fix it. It is an obvious design flaw.

The wires in the control panel get to hot when the oven is on. Eventually the insulation on the wires degrade and then there is a short. A fire in my kitchen was not a way to inform me of the problem. Luckily we were home.

There is no further need for discussion. You should be libel.


Get a Lawyer and sue them !...it's a design flaw and should be recalled !

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