Bought a washing machine, did not work properly from day one. LG sent two techs that reported to the company that it would be cheaper to replace than repair...the started A&E repair. First person agreed it would be cheaper to replace than repair- sent report, sent 2nd...
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We purchased an LG stick vacuum in March. The first time I tried to vacuum a carpet, the carpet nozzle broke. We contacted the company who agreed to send a replacement part. I even uploaded a photo of the broken part as requested. A few weeks later, we got the wrong...
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Lg Electronics - Don't ever buy LG!!!!

I bought a LG Fridge 15 months ago...huge mistake! For 3 weeks now my 4 kids and i have been living out of coolers. 2 times we have had repair people to our house with no end in sight. I have been on hold with LG "customer service" for a toral of 3 1/12 hours. The repairs are going to cost me almost as much as i bought the unit for. DON'T BUY ANY LG PRODUCTS!
After purchasing my new home three plus years ago I purchased all new LG appliances for my kitchen. Shortly after before the manufactures warranty ran out I had problems with the range. They fixed it but I decided to purchase an extended warranty from LG. I also...
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I liked
  • Design with french doors and two drawer bottom freezer
I didn't like
  • Product is a lemon and extremely poor customer service
  • Are a garbage company
  • Short life span
Well.. where do I start.. I have an LG fridge.. it stopped cooling.. I contacted LG and they sent a repair guy.. He spent 12 hours over the course of 3 days to try and fix it. He couldnt. Then LG decided they wanted a second opinion.. so they sent another guy. This guy...
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Love the response from LG to contact the same customer service reps that haven’t helped you thus far! Same response to my review of the defective LG product I bought!

LG Electronics
LG Electronics

I hate to hear that your refrigerator stopped working as well as having to go through so much to regain custody of your unit. This is far from what we expect our customers to ...

We got a refrigerator from LG for over $2000 and it was delivered to us with a defective door. They told us it was an easy fix so we trusted them. They kept sending up new technicians that would order that same door and it would come with dents and ripples. We had at...
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"they" as in LG customer service/ executive support department. We saw/got it from RC Willey. We saw this refrigerator on the flood and we made sure it was one we wanted befor...


Who is this "they" who will not "allow" you to return a new product ? How and where did you see an example or image of the unit prior to purchase which would have led you to c...

I didn't like
  • Are a garbage company
  • Defective product no support from lg
  • Poor customer service
I had purchased 4 lg portable air conditioners around august 2018. By early December 2 of them stopped working. I called the customer service and was told I will be called by a tech that covers my zip code. 2 weeks later not hearing anything I called and they said they...
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Lg Electronics - Terrible service, taking 3 months to resolve problem with icemaker. Service tech out to resolve problem, ordered part, not delivered on date. Can't re-schedule for 5 days.

Of course I contacted them, can only speak with person who speaks broken English. They just repeat a mantra.

Lg Electronics - Need Fast charger for LG Stylo 4 Department

Who that it may concern I have a LG Stylo 4 from MetroPCS and if you can send me the information through my email about ordering me a\ fast charger if you don't mind my email is you have your self a good day.
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Ease of Use
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Style and Design
Value for money
I could not figure out why I was getting rough spots on my white uniform since I work as a nurse and I put in brand new white uniforms and I ruined them all and I googled it and I thought it was maybe coming from something at that lodge piece of metal that got lodged...
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