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Here is my story!

7 Months ago we purchase stainless steel Range from Best Buy, after some time I realized that the control panel has hairline crack from top to bottom, I called LG over the phone and they set-up service app. to have the Range checked!

All sounds good till now! The service company did not showed up the app. day nor they called! I called LG and they weren't able to give me answer, few days later service company called mo and scheduled another app.

finally they showed up at my house with wrong part (Which I have emailed them the Serial #, Model # pictures etc. to make sure that are all set), service guy blamed LG and told me he will come back asap! 3 week no one called, no answers to my call either! I called LG again and requested for another company (Looks like they have authorized service companies) the new service people schedule app with me.

(2 weeks waiting time) I requested for Saturday because during the week no one is home! 03/07/2014 the service company calls me and tells me that they can't come to my house because the service tech called out sick! So here is my question is this my LUCK! or is this poor handling of LG to satisfy and follow up customer issues!

It's been 2 months and simle 30 Min fix is not completed. Shame on you LG

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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