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LG screwed me on my oven

I bought an expensive stainless steel oven to match the rest of my appliances and found out when it broke, LG couldnt get it fixed even though it was under warranty. They made it up to me by giving me a cheaper oven that doesnt match and now is eyesore in my kitchen. After dealing with this for 6 months they told me thats all they can do, even though there are models that match the rest of my kitchen online. Simpy put I got screwed and would love to take them to court but who has that kinda cash.
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We are having the same experience...the "authorized repair service" could not get the part since June, my stove is pretty much inoperable. I think there should be a class-action lawsuit.


With people like these here it's a wonder any company still does business in the States. A bunch of spoiled little girls who want everything but are unwilling to understand that that can't have even half of what they want.

Please grow up and stop crying!


They bent you over your oven and screwed you? You're a kinky ***, Bob.


the not true guy was me, I didnt know my user log in timed out....Trust me on that though. They have 10 days to either fix the issue in my state, which is Michigan or they have to abide by the warranty. If not, the state will send a report to court with me stating that they wouldnt even cooperate with a mediation thus actuating the court to side with me and actually give me punitive damages.


Depending on what state you live in, if LG gave you their as good or better warranty exchange, it was up to you to tell them if what they were giving you was exceptable or not. I went through the same thing with sears with a snowthrower.

It had the as good or better quality exchange in the warranty, so since they could not provide as good I actually got better with the help of the MI state Attorney General's Office.

So if you did not sign for that stove then file a complaint with your state's attorney general's office about anything you did not agree with. New thing these days, "buyer beware", means you have to CYO cause the stores and manufactorers are not going to do it for you.

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Mesa, Arizona
Lg Electronics Warranty

LG Vue, does not work, At&t will not tell people about the problems

I got the LG Vue from At&t. Two year contract, it still cost 60. I did have 30 days to return the phone. Every time I tried to talk to someone about the problems, it was always because I needed to have this feature or this feature, etc. By the time my phone was "fully activated" with all the extra *** I had to purchase, the 30 days were up!!! Still not working, I either, had to buy a new phone without any discount pricing, or just use the older phone I still had before my upgrade. Don't Buy.
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I had the vue and after a year the battery just shut of without warning it was dead. ATT said they never heard of the problem. This was december 2010!!!!


We have 2 LG Vues and within 1 year, we have had to replace the batteries 3 times. The phone gets so hot that you cannot touch the back of the phone.

I can't even talk for 5 mins without needing to charge my phone. AT&T says, they are unaware of any problems reported on the VUE..yeah right!


Does anyone have a problem with the phone overheating while talking? I have replaced the battery which almost caught on fire while charging. But I still can only talk about 15 minutes before my ear starts to heat up.


I love the way my LG Vue works and all the features. It is a very simple phone.

I have had the battery issue that others are having. It will not hold a charge. At last check I could only talk 2 min. and the battery will die.

I have had the phone for 11 months.

I will be replacing the battery but I do love the phone! :zzz


I have yet to have the touch screen problem but my phone has been going from full battery to dead in 10 mins then when i start the phone back up it has 2/3 battery left.


both my son's and my lg vue screens and batteries have failed. we can't upgrade yet so we are stuck using old phones...i won't be renewing my contracts w/ att&t!


My wife's LG Vue touchscreen stopped working jsut aftet the firt year. It cost $100 to fix. I will never tpurchase a LG phone again, and since AT&T would not let us as a preferred customer purchase a new phone at a discounted price, We will be changing carriers when our contract is up in Novemeber.


I am on my 3rd LG Vue. The screen stops working or it spontaneously pushes it's own buttons.

AT&T has replaced it for me and said if it happens again I can get a totally different model.

Now I am just waiting. Make sure you save your numbers to your sim card!


My wife and I both had one. Her screen never worked right. We've sent it back and she is currently complaining about the 2nd.

I recently sent my phone into LG for repair. After 3 months the LCD recieved a crack on it. Not the touch screen that I "touch", but underneath, this has to be a manufacturer defect.

DO NOT BUY LG. They dont care about their customers. We are not their customers, AT&T is their customer. I called LG several times trying to work this out. All you get is some person on the line who, no matter what argument you bring, simply replies with "yes, but the charge to repair still stands".

I am cancelling my contract with AT&T to combat LG. Its the only way I can even fight back. Perhaps if enough people screw the cell-plan carriers, they will figure out that the cell-phone manufacturers are screwing us. I will take the low marks on my credit; steal a couple hundred dollars from AT&T and hope that when its done I come out ahead. These large corporations are built from the ground up to steal from you and I. I for one am tired of it, and am using what little power I have, to fight back.


My touchscreen spontaneously died after a year. Strangely, a friend of mine with this phone had hers die in the exact same manner, also after a year. It's not bad, but make sure you get a warranty on it.

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Hammond, Louisiana

Our dishwasher electrically shorted out and nearly caused a house fire.

Our LG dishwasher's electrical panel shorted out . When we looked at our appliance , it was blackened and black debris was all around the base of the machine. The repairman opened up the appliance and stated "You must have a guardian angel watching over you!" He stated the appliance the worse case of electrical shortage he had ever seen in over 20 years of servicing appliances. we had purchased the product 3 years ago. The warranty is for 5 years. The company didn't replace or refund us a dime for the electrical shortage of their product. We are pissed!!
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same exact thing happened to us!!! almost word for word!! Repair man said we were very lucky!!!

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Youngstown, Ohio

Yes LG washer and Dryers are Junk !!

Yes I agree, LG washer and Dryer is Junk !! I also had L G washer and LG Dryer ( gas ). Only 3 yrs old both. What Junk !! Nothing but problems, Dryer, 4 different techs , they couldn't get it work,5 tech, got it to work, 2 months with out a dryer !! Junk !! 4 months later, Washer Died, controller, 2 week to get it in. He found the Motor was bad, 3 weeks . the new control he installed, Junk !! . 3 weeks again. out of a washer for 1 1/2 months. People Please don't buy L G. We had a whirlpool, before, used for 18 yrs, with no problems .. Y can't LG do the same ?
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My LG topload washer is one year old and the biggest mistake ive have ever made its is level and doesn't matter how much is in it. It always says it unbalanced


Our LG washer smells like *** and after a couple years is already broken down. What a waste of hard earned money, never again.

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Peoria, Arizona

Bowed Freezer 4 years later still no help.

I bought a side by side refrigerator in 2004. The freezer is bowed out and the drawers just fall on each other. Of course I didn't know why at first just that the drawers weren't fitting. So I called Best Buy and was told I have to go through LG first to get this resolved. They sent someone out and he replaced the slides. Then they sent someone who ordered new drawers. Then they mailed me some wire baskets?? So finally they sent someone who figured out the reason it didn't fit was the freezer was bowed out. LG told me that even though I started talking to them four years ago about this since it is now four years old all they will do is buy me off for $400 on a $1750 refrigerator! So now I am trying to get Best Buy to help under my 5 year warranty. LG has a product that is substandard and they will not stand behind it. Don't buy their products. You may get stuck with a defective product and lord help you getting it replaced!
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Dallas, Texas
Lg Electronics Refrigerator

LG is the worst company I have ever dealt with

We bought an LG washer and dryer in July 2008. The dryer does not work at all. It never has. It is impossible to get the technician to come out and fix it. I waited all day for him to come out, and he finally called at 6 pm to say he was too busy and he wasn't going to come out to fix it. So I am left without a dryer for another week. I am just waiting for the washer to break next. Please, whatever you do don't buy LG washers and dryers. They are over priced and do not work.
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Sorry to hear about your ordeal, was you dealing with a LG rep? I would most certainly go to trading standards if they won't come and fix it, it's outrageous! Was going through buy a LG Washer Dryer 2 in 1 too!


i have both washer and dryer, the washer stinks and makes my closes smell horrible and just recently the dryer makes noises when in use sounds like a have three pairs of sneakers in them.

i really wish i hadn't bought them.

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Austin, Texas

LG Doesn't Have Parts for Their Appliances

I own a rather new, expensive LG side by side refrigerator. The ice-maker has been a problem since I bought it. But now the electric valve that allows the ice tray to fill needs to be replaced. The part has been on order by the appliance repair company for three weeks. The repair company says that LG is one of the worst companies for supplying parts in a timely manner. I bought the appliance from Home Depot and for once in my life bought an insurance policy for it. I figured that LG is a Korean Company and I wanted to make sure.
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Taylor, Michigan
Lg Electronics Refrigerator

Never buy anything from LG!

We bought the top of the line LG dishwasher in Aug 07. The motor burnt out in Oct. 07. Home Depot would not take the machine back. LG provided for repair under warranty, and promised if it broke three times in a year, they would replace it. Now after my third repair (motor, water pump, food disposal, which left a razor exposed in the bottom of the unit), no luck with replacement. This company should not be allowed to sell things in America! I will certainly never buy from them again! Make sure to tell everyone you know,s o no one accidentally makes the same mistake!
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To Mark 12-09-2008,

LG is not o.k. and they sell junk items that will break down. If you have a working unit, you are lucky. Sooner or later though it will break before it's time. Don't be taken in by LG products. You will be sorry.



washer an dryers are garbage spent 1800 on pair biggest mistake ever. they will not stand behind product.

they just send 1 dumb tech out after the other. customer services hangs up an treats u like ur a pest.

will never by lg again. p.s lg stands for LOUSY GARBAGE!!!!!


LG is a group of crooks


LG is NOT OK!!! I have never been treated so rudely by a company, promised call backs that never come, supervisor hanging up on me, total lack of knowledge about how their products work.

THE ABSOLUTE WORST EVER!!!! Life is NOT good with LG, is bloody frustrating!


I totally agree! We bought a fridge 3 years ago.

It broke down earlier this year, and it took us close to two months to get someone just to come LOOK at it. Once they did, they said it was unrepairable. We called LG, as the sealed part of the fridge was still under warranty. After having us jump through hoops, we received a partial reimbursement.

They explained they depreciated 17% for the 2nd and 3rd year.

Have you tried buying a side by side fridge for $837? Plus the customer service stunk.


LG dishwashers are very time consuming and expensive to service. LG fridges break down lots due to cheap chinese electronics. LG looks good but there is no quality behind the fancy looks


I agree. You probably bought a bad unit.

I have the LG stainless steel fridge and gas range (5th burner) and absolutely love them.

Try contacting another Home Depot location, and maybe their customer service dept. may be willing to work with you.

From my experiences, not all Home Depot operate the same. Some provide better customer service than others.

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Miami, Florida

Never by LG products

Do not by LG products. After 3months of phone international and national email and phone calls to LG support centre I have concluded that LG has a policy and that is to make the consumers pay for technical training of their personnel.The consumers are expected to pay for the technicians mistake.Here is the full thread for your own judgment. I have not received any responce to my last email to LG. *************************************Dear SirPlease acknowledge my email.RegardsAli*************************************--- On Tue, 8/19/08, Ali Jazayeri wrote: From: Ali Jazayeri Subject: Customer feedback and questionTo: islam@***.aeCc: alijazayeri@***.comDate: Tuesday, August 19, 2008, 4:46 PM Hi,It has taken LG almost 3 months to resolve this issue.At the end I have been invoiced for a part that to me had no fault to begin with.The fault that I had reported was "No Picture on display"I was able to watch movies using the DVD out option on my TV.This indicates that that the pick-up optic was not faulty.However I have been invoiced for an item called Optic with item number"6721RDD991A.My understandings are that the part(Optic) must have been damaged during repair process and I really want to know if this is the policy in LG for the customers to pay for training cost of their technicians. The conclusion is that I will neither buy any LG product in the future nor will advise anyone to do so.It is just not acceptable for me as a customer to have to pay for something that was working properly at the time it was handed to repair center.To me it looks as if a patient is taken to hospital with a broken leg and he is charged for a heart transplant.RegardsAli Jazayeri**************************************--- On Sat, 8/2/08, VOC-LGEME wrote:From: VOC-LGEME Subject: VOC Verification 942 (Survey)To: alijazayeri@***.comDate: Saturday, August 2, 2008, 9:46 PM Dear Valued Customer We are writing you from LG Electronics Middle East, Dubai UAE. We would appreciate if you could spare us a few minutes of your precious time in order to give us your valuable feed back about the following question. Thanks & Best Regards Customer DetailsCustomer Name : Ali JazayeriAddress : IranContact No : 989 Email Id : alijazayeri@***.com VOC DetailsVOC No : 942VOC Type : ServiceProduct : AVCountry : IRANAgent : GoldIranVOC : Customer's E-mail: Dear Sir; I sent you an email concerning and complaining about LG after sales services in IRAN. Consequently I received below at the bottom of this inquiry in replies, telling me that my claim is under progress. 1-On both emails I am advised not to reply to that email and use the following link instead. (Such link does not appear in my email). 2- Normally in such cases other companies provide a reference number for follow up. In LG case you did not. Please advise your action plan to solve my problem and advise how I can follow this case up or If LG is not taking any action at all. I expect a lot more from LG. Regards Ali Jazayeri ********All correspondences so far Dear Customer We have received your information, and will try to respond to the inquiry that you have made through LG Iran Site ( using the e-mail address you provided. If you have further questions, please click to ask us here. ********* Dear Sir Until last Thursday, I have been a satisfied customer of LG products but not anymore. My junior daughter had received a portable DVD player as a price for obtaining best grades in school last year. You can understand that she is very attached to the same. Unfortunately the product has become faulty and display only comes on if it is half open. We toke the unit for repair to Gold Iran who claims to represent LG in Iran. To our surprise we were confronted by rude counter staff, telling us that because the unit was not marketed in Iran, They had no commitment to repair and even look at this device. So they refused to even investigate further. My offer to buy her a new devise was not accepted by her due to her attachments to this device. My opinion in this respect is that, ok may be this product was not marketed by this particular reseller, but quite honesty we only know and trust the LG brand and not the reseller. Do you really go and search who is the reseller or importer of any appliance before you buy them? Of course not you choose a trusted brand and just buy it. This email only serves as a warning to LG marketing division as keeping a satisfied customer is much easier than finding a new one. We are sorry that we will not be trusting LG electronics any more and we are concerned about other LG products bought out side Iran. Regards Ali Jazayeri ************ Dear Mr. Ali Jazayeri; We received your claim and now it is under progress. We are so sorry about such a problem. We will announce you the result as soon as possible. Best Regards LG Electronics Inc. Tehran Liaison Office
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Tehran, Tehran

LG appliances quickly break down

We have purchased a LG front-load washer and dryer in 2005 and it broke today,9-4-08. My LG dishwasher, purchased in early 2006, broke 3 weeks ago and we are waiting for parts. The lights on both my LG refrigerator and LG microwave went out within a year of purchase (2005&2006). The lights needed to be ordered and required a service person to replace them as the access was so awkward. Never buy LG products unless you like wating on the phone for service departments, then waiting for the repair people to when they say they will come.
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Bought upscale LG Gas Dryer ($1400.00). Gas regulator just went south for the winter after only 3 1/2 years of service in our home of just 2 adults.

Horrible comment from person answering the phone when we dialed their main number ("Maybe you just got a lemon").

A $1400.00 lemon! Are you kidding me???? What kind of junk is LG making?

It's going to cost us just over $300.00 to get the regulator replaced. This will be the last LG item we ever buy.

"Life is NOT Good" w/LG.



I also have had many LG Products break down way before they should have ever given me a problem. I have had trouble with a DVD recorder (broke in less than two years, not fixable at repair shop), A plasma TV, (broke after three years, LG won't work with me on it), and now a refrigerator is now in need of repair after 6 years (which may be repairable but I am not holding my breath). All the products seem to be defective, poor customer service and a name to stay away from if you are smart. I will not purchase EVER another LG product.



LG5811 dishwasher is a $600 POS worked great for almost 2 years, then kerplunk kerplooey! replace sump assy.

to no avail. Do not buy an LG dishwasher!!


Similiar experience for us, bought a new LG dishwasher $800. 02/06.

We kept smelling something hot when it was running. Finally stopped working all together, the serviceman said we were lucky not to have had a fire the inside control panel had melted into a blob of plastic and wires.

LQ said, go *** up a rope. Expensive mistake


There is a reason LG appliances break down. Does anyone out there remember Goldstar?

They made the oh-so-famous $29 VCR's and $59 TV's a few years ago.

Well, when Korean appliance company Goldstar decided to go upscale in the major appliance business a few years ago, they knew that the name Goldstar had such a bad rep that they knew they had to come up with a new, catchy name, hence LG (for parent company name Lucky Goldstar). Being in the appliance retail business myself, I have heard countless horror stories about these products as well, and thankfully, we do not sell them.

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Hopkins, Minnesota
Lg Electronics Refrigerator

LG Service sucks

LG Customer Abuse Center Purchased 3 VX9900s. One would not a hold charge. Determined phone was problem. Got RA from LG customer abuse center in AL. Sent back for repair or replacement. 2 weeks later recieved replacement. "Tech" had stapled label to front of small carton phone was in prior to shipping back. Staple pierced the face of phone. I got RA immediately without even putting battery in and shipped back for replacement within 20 minutes of recieving. 2 weeks later I get same phone back with note that warranty is voided because there is water damage to the ciruit board, meaning I am responsible for that. If there was a problem like that it's because LG sent it to me in that condition. Since then I've been lied to repeatedly about how they will take care of the situation and that a supervisor named Tony would call back. Not in the last month, he hasn't. So far, I think I've returned the damaged phone about three times with promises of replacing it only to get the same darn phone back. Customer service people say they can't override the tech guy who determined the ciruitry was damaged. My guess is the Tech guy is the *** that put a staple through the face and is paying me back for pointing that out to them. After being on hold for about 45 minutes each time, I am assured they are reviewing the notes and getting all the RA numbers in order and giving it to a supervisor (Tony) for his approval. Somehow I think while I'm on hold they are all playing pinochle or something but NOT taking care of customers. Possibly they have an office pool and whoever can keep someone on hold the longest wins. I've filed complaints with San DIego BBB and some federal agency and they really don't care at LG. Google LG complaints. LG SUCKS
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Fairbury, Illinois
Lg Electronics Cell Phone

LG Refrigerater- broken parts- refused replacement

LG refrigerator- company refused to replace broken shelves and sliding doors. Engineering seems poor on this refrigerator. Pieces began breaking within the first year with regular use. We have owned several refrigerators and have had no structural problems before this. We want to make sure that others are aware and shy away from the brand and specific product- model # lfc25760st, serial # 610krgg00367. Sometimes fancier means more things to break. The company, including a supervisor, just spouted the company line instead of considering the loss of a good customer and the posiblity of a bad product they need to be responsible for.
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Camden, New Jersey
Lg Electronics Refrigerator

LG - Life's not good.

After purchasing a 1,500 dollar washer, it broke less then a month after the first wash. I go to wash my clothes, hear a click and it's broken. I unplug it and call LG. LGs customer service is nil. After calling the first time I was told "i need to do this." I don't have to do anything, you need to fix my product. After arguing with them for a half hour they tell me they will send someone out. They gave me a 4 hour window of when they would show up. I stayed home, and waited and waited. They neglected to tell me that my appt. had been cancled. The second time they send 2 repair tech's out both with a combined i.q. of a rock. They unplugged and plugged the washer into the power. Then looked at me and said, "its' broken." They ordered a part, came out again and discovered it was the wrong part. My 1,500 dollar washer has been out of commission for a week now. When i call their customer service to find out when they will have the part I end up in an arguing match with the customer service rep. Now, when i call customer service they end up just telling me lies. I am now washing my clothes in my sink awaiting the tech to bring the correct part and come on the right time. I am ready to dump the washer in front of Best Buy and put a sign on it "free if you can get customer service to repair it." I have contacted my local news in hopes of them helping me.
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Livermore, California

Failure to deliver

ordered a LG refrigerator on June 21 at Pacific Sales in Torrance , CA. Stll haven't received and have not gotten any information on delivery date from Pacific sales, not even a call. Called customer service all tey could ay wad the mfg posted a new delivery date. When I asked whay they hadn't called me, they said there system doesn't give that information. I aksed for a manager and wnet into voive mail.
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Los Angeles, California

LG Mobile Phone Warranty NOT honored

I bought an LG phone and after two months the phone would not charge. I took it to a Sprint repair store and they took the phone apart and said this was the 3rd phone he saw that day that had the same problem that could not be repaired. I spent $15 to send the phone into LG and they sent me the same phone back unrepaired and said that it was not covered under warranty because it was not a manufacturer defect. A port that breaks after 2 months of careful use is not a defect? I am stuck with no cell phone and will never purchase another LG product again.
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I made the mistake of buying an lg incite. Please don't ever do it!

The phone freezes, you can't make calls. Calls come in and you can't answer them. I have to take the battery out and put it back in to stop that from happening. The screen doesn't turn like it should, you have to wait until it decides to move, that on top of the static that you hear when you try to talk.

The camera is a joke, and when you call to try to get another, its send it in to be repaired. How am I supposed to not have a phone for 2 weeks!

Can you please honor customer loyalty! Life is Good for whom?


This is rediculous!!! My LG phone stopped charging (loose port) while still under 1 year warranty.

At the sprint store I was told to contact LG to fix the phone under warranty. I mailed it in, they held it for two weeks and returned unrepaired. Calling LG and reasoning, pleading, yelling, escalating had no effect.

Called Sprint to complain that their vendor is refusing to honor warranty also produced no effect. Now I am just waiting for my two year contract to expire so that I can get the *** away from Sprint.


LG just stuck it to me on a two week old green Rumor phone. It was never dropped or anything like that but they still denied my warranty request. They should change their name to "LC" for Lost Customer


They want me to mail my phone away for a min. of 14 days!!!

WTF are they never again!

Motorola will replace a phone, no questions asked!!!! :(


:) :cry :? :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :p :x

this is the way how lg works!

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Madison, Wisconsin
Lg Electronics Cell Phone