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DO NOT buy LG - when(not if) your appliances break they will do whatever they can to not repair them. Been without a properly working oven for 8 months.

STILL not repaired properly. Dishwasher has been repaired 5 times and ice maker was not working on the fridge. Call centre in the Phillipines is useless. They just read stuff off a prepared script.

I've called them so many times i can tell them what they are going to say before they say it. Oven second time I used it the entire glass shattered out of it onto my floor, nearly hitting my my dog, and ruining my Christmas dinner. Took a month to repair. Stopped working properly 2 years later.

But I limped along till it stopped all together. I t has now been 8 months and there have been 3 diffrerent repair people, 5 different repairs and now I smell a ton of gas when I start it. It won't heat up past 400 and that takes an hour. They always have excuses and each repairman says the last guy didnt know what he was doing but he does.

Twice they sent a guy who was not trained to fix a gas oven. Three times they made appointment and I took time off work and they just never showed up. Call centre full of excuses. The knobs that look stainless steel are actually plastic with stickers peeling off and the whole thing is cheap.

Plus I bouhgt it because it was self cleaning and then they blamed me for blowing the element by using the self cleaning cycle. I was told it was "common knowledge on the interenet to not use oven's cleaning cycles as they're too hot" What???? I was actually told that by LG. WOW!!

Dishwasher another joke. New Motor after 3 years, filter replacement, and another motor and then finally another guy comes and said there was apiece of broken glass in the drain hose. So that was the probelm the entire time and they did all those other things DUmb. Oh ya the dishwasher breaks all your wine glasses too - hence the glass.

Ice maker stopped working on the fridge. Lg guy comes and looks at it. It's DONE he says - for sure it's done can't be repaired. That will cost $700 with parts and labor..

No thanks. Net guy comes to fix oven. I mention this to him. He is nice and looks at it.

Pulls out the water filter and says there you go fixed. He said that the filters Home Depot sells for the LG fridges plug up the system. He said he's seen it tons of times. ONly buy the LG filter he says.

Ice maker magically starts working without a filter after last guy says $700. YOu can see what a joke this company is.

I've spent hours and hours on hold with these clowns. I will NEVER buy anything from LG again and you shouldn't either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Oven Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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