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LG Plasma Televisions....BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For anyone considering purchasing any LG plasma television, please read this very carefully.

My name is William Abbate. I had a very horrible experience with LG. I spent nearly $5000 on a 50PY2DR set. Within 2 years of use, if you want to even call it that, it was broken.

Keep in mind that I own numerous televisions and, this set was barely even used. I contacted LG with my concern and, they offered to pay for the part/parts and I would foot the bill for the service. Naturally, they chose the cheapest way out and only replaced the Y-board. Shortly after this horrific experience, after my floors were scratched to ***, low and behold...the television was broken again.

This time it was outside of the warranty period. LG recommended one of their repair places near our home in Greenwich, CT. The technician was kind and astute enough to inform me that an improper repair was done originally which caused the tv to brake again. Both boards were suppossed to be replaced, not one.

LG figured they would take the cheap way out. I would have to come back to them in the future when my tv broke again in a short period of time. DO NOT deal with this company. They are NOT REPUTABLE.

Their customer service agents in Huntsville, AL are idiots with barely a pulse. I WOULD NEVER, EVER purchase one of their products ever again. In fact, I wouldn't even take one for free. They DO NOT care about customer retention.

They are merely interested with making an initial sale. Bottom Line: Their products are fact, they suck !!! Management should review their customer experiences. I understand that the Koreans really do not care about customer retention.

Their interest lies only in making a sale.

BEWARE !!!!!!!!! My serial number is 508KCUK2H958

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