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I bought an LG electric dryer from HH Gregg in November 2013. A month after, one of the cycles stopped working.

I called LG many times. They did send out 4 repair men from 2 different companies who replaced various parts, but the issue persists. After the last repair man came out and was unable to do anything, I called LG again hoping they'd replace the unit. They said the repair man determined my dryer was "working to specifications" and they couldn't do anything further for me. The guy was literally there for 5 minutes! Not sure how he could determine anything - if he stayed through the cycle, he'd see my clothes were coming out soaking wet even though I select "very dry" every time.

I wrote to LG Executive Service through their Facebook page and they would also do nothing for me. I called HH Gregg several times and they've told me they filed a report with their vendor relations but thus far no one has called me back.

I'm so angry that I spent $900 on a dryer that does not work properly and am even angrier that an LG rep at one point told me to "just use a different cycle"! Will never buy LG again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Repair.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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