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I purchased a home that had an LG Fridge. On a Tuesday afternoon I noticed it was not cooling after having it on all night so I called LG Canada to troubleshoot.

After being asked if the fridge was plugged in, if the door shut properly and if I could feel cold air coming out I was told I would need a repair guy to look at. I was expecting some holding down of buttons for x amount of seconds or something but your light on. With troubleshooting like that I am surprised they ever have to send a repair guy out (note the sarcasm). I was to call back on Wednesday morning because all the applicable offices that send out dispatch are closed.

I called again and was told Friday afternoon he would be there. I had to leave Thursday to work and would be gone for weeks. I arranged my tenant/roommate to stay home. She waited and waited, taking off a day of work to do so.

At 3:30 no repair guy had showed. I call the LG number again and they tell me that to their dispatch has been made so no guy will be coming and that all the applicable offices that need to be notified are closed, this was after being put on hold for over a half an hour. It was 4:00 in Alberta, were I live, where the fridge is!! The BEST they could do was tell someone about it on Monday.

I wait until Monday...and the were awfully sorry for the mix up but the repair guy will be there Thursday. THURSDAY! It was soooo nice of them to get service there quickly after they screwed up the service call in the first place (note the sarcasm once again). Because I am gone to work and the roomate works full time we have to arrange a very kind neighbor to let them in.

Heaven forbid they actually provide service calls when a huge portion of the working class is at home, like in the evenings or weekends. So the repair guy shows up and says that it is something that he can't fix so he has to call the guy who does that kind of work and it will likely be over a week before he can get there. It is supposedly a three hour job and it is a compressor issue. I am suspecting that the compressor would be a likely cause of the problem after the brilliant troubleshooting so why someone who has qualifications to fix the likely problems with the applicable parts in some kind of white van wasn't sent is behond me.

Perhaps they like wasting peoples time. It is now the 7th of November and I am supposed to wait another week or more. This is unacceptable service and if I was LG Canada...any part of it, I would be ashamed. They screwed up my first call and then made no attempt to speed up the mess they created, and worse, didn't provide appropriate service when it finally showed up...and I am not done waiting yet!

How could I expect anything less than another #$%^ up when the next guy shows up. NEVER NEVER buy an LG because you are FUBAR'd if it breaks and you need to fix. The repair guy did tell me that LG is the only place that offers the flat rate....well...lucky me!! As meat rotts on the counters and milk sours I can be happy that I received that flat rate!!

I got to spend 200 dollars on a waste of time and a fridge that isn't fixed two weeks after a promised date!! Does LG really think that a flat fee covers horrible sure as *** doesn't in my books. Does MR. LG have a nice cold beverage and some kind of meat sandwich to eat in the evening after a long day...I bet he does!

My roommate doesn't though... wanna know why...LG can't get there *** together long enough to do a three hour job! I would have paid for a new fridge a week ago if I new I would have had to wait this long.

I am going to find any sites like this and tell every one I know, for all should be notified of the kind of BS they provide. Thanks for being a disappointment LG!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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