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That LG company have nothing to do except someone telling you we are here to serve you Mr and do nothing except leaving you talking and here is what i have sent and they sent and nothing changes:

Dear Sir

I am from Egypt and i have purchased a refrigerator 21 feet model GR-M602GHC dated 20 July 2012 and since that date i told the distributer man when he bring it to home there is a problem in the door and he told me to call LG customer service and they send me a representative and he told me we will change the door to me and since that date nothing done and every now and when i call the customer service and there is nothing done and i have nothing to do is to send this mail to you and actually i begin to worry if i have a bigger problem in the refrigerator is this the way the service people will deal with problem or what please help me in such problem as i see that there is a huge issue you have to deal with

Hesham Derbala

Dear Mr / Hesham

Thanks for contacting LG Electronics Egypt

Your enquiry has been forwarded to the Concern Technical Departement and it will be replied at the earliest.

Customer Care Departement

LG Electronics Egypt

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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