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Compressor of my window AC stopped functioning. Technician took the AC for repair and told me that will get it installed back in 2 days. I contacted them after 2 days and the reply I got was that compressor is not in stock and I will have to wait for a week time. I told them if that is the case please replace it with a new one, since it was bought on 1st June ’13. They asked me to contact the shop supervisor. Shop supervisor(Rajesh) asked me to contact his manager(Himanshu) and then his manager asked to contact his manager(Jitender Sharma). He also said that he is the one who approves it however will have to speak with his manager. Now the big boss says that he cannot replace the AC since that also takes a week time and if I want to register a complaint I can do that as well. My question is, if you don’t have a part available why can’t these guys replace it with a new one. Today they say compressor stopped working, a month later if something else happens I still have to be without AC for good 2 weeks(even though its under warranty). The customer support team is very strong, however in the end the servicing is very poor.

Kiran Mathew


Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Repair.

Monetary Loss: $28000.

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