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I am considering buying either the LG WT4870CW or the LG WT1101CW. However the buyer reviews I have read (over one hundred)through Best Buy and Home Depot indicate many instances of washer failure while also indicate many highly satisfied customers.

The contrast is so incredible that I am seeking addl. comsumer feedback through this complaint site. I would appreciate any input re: either of these two washers. I own an LG dryer and an LG LED TV both of which I am exremely happy with, thus driving my thought to buy the LG washer.

Feedback from current owners is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

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Just bought the WT1101CW, just read the reviews. Have done about 10 loads of laundry since it was installed yesterday afternoon.

We haven't had a single unbalanced load issue so far. I've washed blankets, pillows, large loads of kid laundry, medium loads of adult laundry, single blankets, a body pillow on top of a bunch of other stuff.

It isn't husband-proof. His first load (before mine) was a ton of absolutely filthy towels and he didn't close the soap drawer and they were not clean and there were a ton of "bits" in the dryer lint filter (looked like mud chunks, god knows what they actually were).

I've used the following policies and have only had to rewash one of the loads I did, and I expected to, it was a load of slightly mildewed vomit laundry from a trip we took the weekend prior, we'd all been too sick to deal with washing something we'd have to carry to the other building to dry (we have two houses on our property, one is an about-to-be-not-empty rental)

1. Pretend there's an agitator, and distribute things evenly around the center.

Avoid the center but not religiously, the point is not to never have anything in the center, they will move there naturally, the point is to balance the load.

2. Things don't shift as much as they do in any other kind of laundry, so you actually can plan for this and layer appropriately. I recommend strongly putting things made of polyester, like polar fleece, kid's fleecy jammies, anything that won't get wet easily on the bottom.

Put cotton stuff on the top. There was a pair of pajamas that spent 27 minutes of a 1:26 cycle half dry. Had it been on bottom and say a towel on top, the towel would have wicked up water faster and sank and kept things submerged. So I planned that way for future loads and have had no problems.

That huge load where the pajamas stayed dry for so long? Came out with a different pair still smelling a little off (kids, you know) but every single other item in the load smelled fresh. 3. Blankets work well if you donut them around the non-existent agitator, and only wash one at a time.

I washed a wool one and a polyester one, both did fine. 4. Hubby washed a blanket, a body pillow and a regular bed pillow and god knows what setting he used but they still smelled funky when the load was done. I actually rewashed the blanket separately (fine) and the body pillow in a mixed load of other stuff but the pillow on top of the other stuff and "bulky bedding" setting and it came out fresh.

5. The vomit load was musty smelling and vomit and gross and I washed it twice because it still smelled a little musty (using Charlie's soap, which is da bomb for getting nasty smells out of clothes) and pretty big and I did a soak wash first and I think a speed wash for the second and it came out with only a couple items needing more help. 6. I'm paying attention to cycles.

Adult laundry is getting speed washes. They're fine and work very well. Kid laundry is getting longer washes with extra rinses, temp depending on color/soil. I mostly wash on cold unless there are bodily fluids involved.

I slow the spin speed down for bulky, odd objects that might be prone to unbalancing. The machine is tall. I'm 5 foot 8 with long arms, and have to stand on my tip toes to reach the bottom of the machine. My 5 foot tall roommate goes headfirst into it to get stuff, and will require a step stool if she's to do much laundry.

Or tongs. It's uncomfortable to get the last stuff out. Hubby doesn't have as much trouble but he also doesn't have ***. He's a little shorter than I am.

You are not supposed to wash waterproof stuff in this. Honestly if I'd seen that warning before the machine was installed I would not have bought it, but some research says that with care I can probably manage PUL diaper covers and a terry PUL mattress pad, if I load the machine carefully.

My plan is to put a couple towels on top of the PUL stuff to keep it from floating, and watch any cycles like a hawk until I'm sure they're working okay. It's a much touchier beast than a front loader, but has so much more room (and seems less likely to damage clothes than a traditional top loader, and I think I can make it work, but if we had the space for side by side front loaders, I'd definitely go that route (Our laundry is in a closet, so we either have to have stackable front loaders or the washer MUST top load if they're side by side due to a not quite wide enough opening to the closet.

Wells, Maine, United States #684808

Purchased all brand new LG SS appliances for our new kitchen. Have had nothing but problems with all of them.

French doors on fridge don't seal well when door closed. Oven temp off, nothing baked rises and convection oven takes longer than conventional oven. Dishwasher does not heat, dishes wash in cold water and are never dried. Microwave does not work, kept shutting off and then just went dead.

Called LG worst customer service ever experienced. I will never buy LG anything ever again and I will make sure friends and family never purchase LG products.

Austin, Texas, United States #682178

Don't buy any LG product. Seriously.

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