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I purchased a $3000 french door LG refrigerator in September 2012. Within a month, it started making a knocking sort of sound.

We thought it might be the ice maker so we adjusted it and the sound stopped. But the sound restarted. Most of the time, it stops after a few minutes. But recently, we noticed the sound getting louder and one time it didn't stop.

We shut the ice maker off but that didn't solve the problem. I decided to have the fridge serviced - after all, it was less than 3 months old and the noise was getting louder and happening more often. I made an appointment online. The person didn't show up.

I called and was told there was no record of the appointment so I made an appointment through the customer service person. I got a confirmation number and the name of the company who would be coming out. Within an hour, the subcontracted company called me to say they couldn't make the appointment that was set by customer service and that they'd call me back to reschedule. They did a day later, at the end of business on a Friday.

Keep in mind, at this point, it had been 5 full days since I made the original appointment. The appointment given by the company was TWO WEEKS AWAY!! There was nothing earlier. Feeling like I had no choice, I took that appointment but called LG customer service on Monday (today).

The person said that there were no other appointments available. I asked what I should do if the fridge stopped working. He said to stop using it and to wait until my appointment. Keep in mind, these two weeks fall right over the Christmas holiday so I will have a fridge full of food.

The service agent did tell me - without me asking - that the loss of food was not covered under the warranty and again reiterated that I shouldn't use the fridge if it stopped working. Now, I get to spend the next two weeks PRAYING that the fridge continues to work. My god, if I had known there were going to be problems with this fridge after less than 3 months, I would NEVER have bought it!!

Furthermore, LG is completely apathetic to the problem. I will NEVER purchase another LG product!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I am going through a repair cycle nightmare on my LG dryer that is less than a year old. The service contractors keep telling me that if I'd called within the first 3 months, they would replace the unit for any reason but now, I must have at least 4 service calls with 4 parts replaced.

Now waiting on a part, won't even have a dryer during the holidays, with a house full of company. Service department is extremely difficult. I am getting really worried after reading so many complaints online.

Since you have had the product less than 3 months...try to demand a replacement immediately. Good luck!

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #583129

You think you have a problem? Try it north of the border.

When I touch 1 for English, I somehow expect to talk to someone who can understand me and I can understand them. Not so. The other problem is when you go through their web site and find "contact ", you would expect a site that is navigatable, not so with LG. Part of the "required fields" is to identify what you are trying to find info about.

It leads you on to a point where you have to identify your appliance by model numbers that they give but the numbers are not the model I have and I can't enter my model number. END of contact, you can not go any further. It is like the Berlin Wall impenetrable. I think I finally got my name email and phone number to a real live person will contact me.

When? He has no idea.

Not sure he has any idea about anything. We'll see

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