I rented a washer dryer all in one LG and when i got it it needed repair. Had two repair people come out to repair it. First repair guy didnt know what it was and said get rid of it. Second repair was LG themselves and they repaired it.

Manager told me when i rented it that it will take longer than other dryers cause of it being so small and a 110 line. I had it for a month before i could use it. they offered me another month to use it. After it was repaired it still took hours to dry. So i said this could not benefit me. I asked them to pick it up. They wanted to renew the lease and i said no thank you pick it up.

For the hoidays they offer free rental till january. I called to order a stereo system and they said no problem. I called to find out when was the delivery. they said they would call back six hours go by no call back. I called back again they said they will call back. No call back. Call them again they said we cant rent to you because the manager said the last rental went bad.

I was furious, because it was do to them sending me a broken item. I asked to know why because i did nothing wrong. I asked for the manager, she called back and just lied. she said she told me in the store that the dryer would take one day for 1 load. i told her that is a lie. Why would i rent something that takes one day for a entire small load. My electric would be crazy. She said she had problems getting me to renew the lease. I told her I wanted to return it. She lied and said they had a hard time

picking it up. That was a lie. They didnt want to pick it up. I hate to be lied on and this manager and customer service is really bad.

I did speak with one sales person that was very nice and he even said that they had been getting lots of complaints about the LG all in one units.

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