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I bought 4 appliances from LG and the dishwasher failed in 5 months. Because this was for a handyman tenant, I asked that he take a look at the installation and check for hoses, power, and etc.

I also had a GE repair person take a look and since he worked at my company and I wanted a quick resolution. The GE repair person stated that the mainboard was bad but could not continue because it would void the warranty. I called LG and setup an appointment. They blew me off once and rescheduled.

The second time, the LG person came and said that he will void the warranty because someone looked at it. I didn't see what we did that violated the warranty. The guy without opening the dishwasher or checking anything, said that the warranty was void. It looked like he was in a hurry or was incompetent.

It seems to me that LG will not be standing behind their products. I would not recommend paying extra for their garbage. Just stick to what works. You may see many people with reviews that are positive.

Most of these are folks who just got the appliance.

Wait until several months when they have a problem and then they will be saying the same thing. Don't buy LG.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $599.

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