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LG Customer Service is absolutely the worst I have ever experienced. I had contacted them twice about issues with their inferior appliances. Both times they dispatched a technician from one of their local incompetent servicing companies. When the technician arrived to respond to our first issue, all he did was turn on the appliance and advised us that it was working. He never mentioned or addressed he issue we called to have diagnosed and resolved. When we contacted LG, their explanation was that the technician reported the appliance was working properly. The technician provided that brilliant diagnosis in less than 5 minutes and when we asked how that we resolve our issue, his response was to read the owners manual. When the technician arrived to diagnose the second issue, it took him about 2 minutes to advise that he needed to order a part to resolve our issue. After a few weeks we contacted LG and we were advised to call their local incompetent servicing company. We were once again advised that they were waiting for the part. We were advised to call the following week for an update. When we called the following week, we were once again advised that they were wait9ing for the part. This went on for a few more weeks and finally the incompetent servicing company suggested that we contact the idiots at LG. When we called LG, we were advised that there was never an order placed for a part and that this ticket was closed because of the information that was submitted by their incompetent servicing company. I called the service company to confirm if the technician's report included any information that would cause LG to authorize the repair. The service company assured me that their report did not contain any information that would cause LG to refuse to repair the appliance and that they were never advised that the part as not ordered or that the ticket was closed. None of our issues have been resolved. We were instructed to work with their local incompetent service companies if we had questions about the service that was performed or to obtain updates. On both issues, we spent weeks trying to resolve the issues locally with the local incompetent service organizations and were eventually refereed back to LG customer service to escalate the issues. We were then advised that the tickets were closed and that they were not going to honor the complaints because the appliance were now out of warranty even though they acknowledged that we advised them of the issues before the expiration of the warranty. Regardless of how we explained the events, it was obvious that the customer service agents I have spoken to are no more capable than an untrained monkey. Their supervisors are not any better. LG does not stand by their products and they try to blame problems with their inferior appliances on the owners. DO NOT PURCHSE LG APPLAINCES. THEY MAY LOOK FANCY BUT THEY ARE STILL THE SAME *** LUCKY GOLDSTAR MANUFACTURED FOR YEARS BEFORE THEY DECIDED TO RE-INVENT THE COMPANY AND MANUFACTURE FANCY LOOKING PRODUCTS..
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I will never buy LG again, their customer service is worst.


I've had similar experiences and also will NEVER purchase LG again.


The servicer most likely is not the problem!

I work as a LG contractor there is no parts or tech support, getting paid is a struggle, and they just don't give a ***! There should be standards applied to them just like the US manufacturers have to abide to! And mostly big box stores sell this sht and they also are



Same as everybody else. Bought $over $13,000 in LG appliances, All top of the line.

Refregerator, Stove, Dishwasher, Washer, Dryer, Microwave. My refrigerator has leaked water 4 different times, and has Severely damaged my floor. I purchased an extended warranty on all appliances. The refrigerator has leaked from, you name it, from faulty water lines, faulty icemaker, cracked water valve.

Now my Dishwasher is leaking around the bottom seal of the door. This LG stuff is PURE ***!! I am getting ...a complete runaround on them fixing my floor, due to the damage. I wish there was a class action Law Suit I could join.

I am seriously debating an attorney myself. I am SERIOUS TO EVERYONE. If you are in the market for new appliances.

DON"T BUY LG Products!!! You will be sorry you did, Trust me and everyone else here and all over the internet.

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I bought an LG appliance and within 6-7 months the freezer *** out. I then submitted the claim on the LSC27921ST on their online website which claimed I would get a call in 2-3 days. 5 days later I called and there was no record of my claim. I then waited another 8 days and the repair tech has yet to show their face and I took the day off. Called the customer disservice dept and they were clueless as they could not offer any other solution. I asked that they send someone else who could make it and they said well I don't think that was possible...as my food is spoiling in the stainless steel box of ***. Never buy LG.
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