Chicago, Illinois
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We bought an LG dishwasher when we moved into our new house 6 years ago. We've had nothing but problems from the very beginning.

It has never washed dishes properly, at all really! Then the handle broke, then it started leaking water, then it was making weird grinding noises. All of these repair calls were, thankfully, covered by the warranty. Well, then the electrical system in the door shorted out and blew up and started a fire!

Thank God my mom was home babysitting the kids at the time or our house would have burned to the ground. There was thick, black, very toxic smelling smoke pouring our of the door of the dishwasher. I have looked up problems with LG dishwashers and it seems a lot of people have had this problem. They SHOULD be recalled but LG doesn't give a *** about customers so they refuse to recall them.

When we called LG and told them the problem, they said since our warranty expired 8 months ago there's nothing they can do!

It's not a warranty issue, it's a manufacturing defect!!!! This company should be sued!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $950.

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