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I had the LG V20 - didn't even last for a yr. Customer service was the worst I have ever dealt with.

Wasn't repaired. Got talked into buying the LG G7. Was told it was a much better phone and reliable. Again it didn't last a year, problems with battery, screen freezing and sound quality / speaker didn't work.

Dealing with customer service was a nightmare!!! Sent it in and they repaired speaker issue only. Battery drained extremely fast and I had to keep the phone in the charger when using it. They refused to give me a new phone initially even though the battery is internal and can't be replaced.

They wanted me to send it back again! Each time I had to go to sprint and transfer all my data to an old phone than find a federal express store and ship it. Each time I lost important data and work information. They allegedly sent me a new phone.

Almost immediately people were complaining about the sound quality and that there was an echo on the speaker phone. They want me to send it back again!!!! When you call customer service and tell them you have a battery issue, they put you on hold 45 mins.and you run out of battery. Other times I have been on hold 30/40 mins.

then disconnected. Customer service is India and Mexico and you get an agent who you can barely understand. No one can give you any information or let you speak to anyone higher up. I tried to call LG customer complaint but the number was out of service - how convenient.

Worst phone and worst customer service I have ever dealt with! NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY ANYTHING LG!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Extremely poor quality of phones, extremely poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: I want a phone that actually works!!!!!! I want compensation for all the hours and hours spent on the phone, being without a phone and all the time spent, transferring data, going to sprint and federal express stores and having to be without my phone 3x.

Lg Electronics Cons: 2 lg phones, Bad quality product, No resolution to my problem, 2 lg phone 3 repairs still dont have a phone that works.

  • Horrendous Customer Service
  • Lg V20
  • Lg G7 Horrendous Quality
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By the way they will send you an email saying they need your facebook profile and the names of any orgaizations you contacted before they can contact you!!!!. Are you kidding me!!!!

Oh and you cant reply to their emails.

They make it impossible to speak to anyone or provide any means to resolve your issues. It is non stop frustrations and dead ends!!!!!!


Too bad people don't get to these complaint boards until after their purchase and finding out how incredible awful LG is in every way possible. Someone at "Corporate" told me how he was going to *** the *** out of my daughter".

What's the deal LG? *** Terrible.

Bad products. Evil customer support.


They are the worst. I wrote 2 complaints to the company and have not heard from anyone!!!

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