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LG sells crappy appliances AND their service is HORRIBLE!!!!! We have had a tech out several times to fix our new dishwasher because it was leaking on our hardwood floors and it was not washing/rinsing the dishes.

My old "cheap" Whirlpool dishwasher did a better job cleaning than LG! The tech ended up replacing the front dishwasher door and the motor. The tech also gave horrible service! When I asked him if he was finished fixing the dishwasher he said, "Well, would I be doing this if I wasn't done?" What the heck kind of service is that?????

AND when we continued to have services with our appliance afterwards...AFTER I complained about his horrible service....LG sent him back to our house!!!! NOW we continue to have problems with our dishwasher. We bought our appliances 4 years ago and have had problems since the first year. A few days after our one year warranty expired on our stove, a burner on our glass top stove had to be replaced because it "burned out." Yesterday, I ran the self clean on the oven and now nothing is working...the stove and the oven.

LG is now telling us that it is not covered under warranty. Why is it that we have to pay to have our appliances fixed because of poor craftsmanship???? We already dished out a lot of money when we first purchased it! We will never buy LG again and I will tell everyone I know never to purchase it either.

Apparently we aren't the only ones having problems! LG, get your *** together and offer better service and better appliances!!!!!!!

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