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My LG French Door refrigerator had a sensor replaced by the local factory authorized service provider on three occasions. The first two replacements resulted in the refrigerator being 17 degrees and 14 degrees respectively and freezing everything solid. LG was providing the incorrect part number on their website. The third replacement has refrigerator back as a refrigerator but LG is unwilling to acknowledge in responsibility for the error to offer compensation for roughly $75 worth of food, wine & a ZeroWater pitcher that were destroyed by freezing.

I have called customer service, the technicians have called and the office manager of the local company have all called, attempting to resolve the issue. LG just keep robotically repeating that the refrigerator is out of warranty so there is nothing they can do. I cannot get them to understand that the warranty is not the issue-their giving out the wrong part number on their website is the problem. They confused that I would even contact them about this.

Do not purchase LG products. The local company said they have more trouble with LG and Samsung products than any others and that their customer service is a joke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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You got it right! I work as a contractor for them they lg and samsung are the worst and should not be allowed to sell here, there is no parts distribution or tech support, but there is a worse brand called Hiare!


I agree with you on the Samsung products---I bought a smooth top range two years ago and we have yet to be able to have the thing keep an even temp in the oven. Very poor quality.

Samsung is a Korean company and makes alot of electronic products, tho cheaply and not very well if I may say so given the junk I have seen from them.

Thanks for the tip.

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