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Since I have had almost LG appliances, I decided that people need to know what a horrible idea it is to buy this brand. Right after the one year warranty was up, I had to have my washer serviced at a tune of $200.

Before the 3 year mark, I found out that the dryer had a cracked drum and it would just be better to buy a new one. The repair person really didn't have positive things to say about LG. I went shopping for a new dryer thinking I would be able to replace it. I had the full size stackable.

But guess what? They make sure the newest model doesn't stack on an old washer and of course they don't have the old model and have nothing to make it work. So I ended up having to order a new washer and dryer. Believe me it wasn't an LG either.

Now, at 4 years the ice tray along with the shelf in my freezer has broken. The repair person said it can't really be fixed. They made the thing so cheaply. So $2000 for a refrigerator/freezer does not mean it is of any quality.

I will be glad when I am able to replace all my LG products with something different. The only scary thing is I am not sure if there is another product out there making the same thing under a different name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Dryer.

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