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Called anderson store about lg refrigerator going out for the 3rd time in three years. We bought the extended warranty and the first time we used it they took three weeks to get it fixed.

The second time the same thing. This time the extended warranty company has yet to take action or return a phone call after five days. I called the store and told them about the problem that I was having and of course they say theres nothing they can do. If HHGregg sells the extended warranty they should make sure the customer understands who provides the service.

I bought 12000.00 worth of appliances from them at one time.

Never again will I buy a product from them. I hope this helps people learn from my mistake.

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Sadly you'll have to get outside pressure to help. Call your local Action News Consumer Line. The likelihood is that the company that backed the HH Gregg plan is no longer their administrator, leaving existing customers with longer phone wait times and delays in service.

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