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Update by user Nov 08, 2018

UPDATE: It has been 3 months now since we filed a warranty claim for the LG Dryer DLEX3370W. No communication from LG ever to us.

They refuse to send anything in writing. We are filing a small claim in court against the warranty failure. I called today 11/8/18 and was told by a Supervisor in Executive Services that they claim was denied last month! Never were we notified.

We now have a washer with the steam drawer and wonder if it also has a FIRE issue. Small claims notification to be sent to: LG Legal Dept, PO Box 24007, Huntsville, AL 35813.

We will be filing a suit not honoring the warranty of a 2 month old dryer. FYI, a lawsuit was filed for a house fire due to the steam drawer.

Update by user Oct 22, 2018

We just found out this steam dryer DLEX3370W has been DISCONTINUED due to a lawsuit around fire from the steam tray spilling out onto electronics and catching a house on fire. The new replacement model has a water connection directly in the back to your water hookup, no front top pullout tray anymore. Seems they know there is a issue but have not honored the warranty or replaced our 2 month old dryer.

Original review posted by user Oct 18, 2018

We purchased the DLEX3370W Dryer with steam and after 2 months of light use (2 in household) it stopped turning on with only the interior light working. After 3-1/2 weeks a repair person came with a plastic front panel, even though the claim was for the dryer not turning on.

He threw a fit at our house, very unprofessional and claimed LG sent him the wrong part, even though we know he ordered the part from LG. He did not even test the unit to see what parts would be needed. I asked him if he was going to test the electronic boards and he said "no point" and that he would order the boards. I followed up with LG to complain about his behavior and LG sending him the wrong part.

They also commented he ordered the part not the other way around. I filed a complaint against the repairman and asked for another company to come for the repair. LG has not been able to find another repair person in our area that handles warranties and has escalated it to different "finders" 3 times now after now 8 weeks since claim was filed. If we had not also purchased the matching washer I would never buy another LG product again, EVER!Getting ready to buy a new one out of pocket and file a small claim suit.

Now we are in a declared area for state of emergency for flooding so it will be another month before even a new dryer can be brought out.

The warranty should have been handled in a timely repair of 30 days or less OR replacement of the dryer. Seems they give you the run around so they do not have to honor the warranty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Dlex3370W Dryer.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $750.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lg Electronics Cons: Product is a lemon and extremely poor customer service, Lack of after-sales service.

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The world was a happier place before the advent of cheap electronic controls. The sturdy, excellent electromechanical controls of yesteryear were vastly superior in terms of durability and ease of repair.

It isn't the motor, not the transformer, etc. ; it's the crummy "boards" that always cause the problems.

I couldn't microwave a lousy cup of water for coffee because I didn't have the time and date set on the microwave ! How in the name of all that is sane are these things an improvement ?

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