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When I got the refrigerator, I was very frustrated to learn that the shelves are not adjustable at all!

I called 800-243-0000 and got absolutely no help at all. The supervisor there LeAnne, at extension 10262 was very incompetent and didn’t know anything about the product. Furthermore, she told me to exchange the refrigerator with Sears. (This is not something I want to even contemplate given the problems I had getting the refrigerator from Sears. First they double billed me for this one refrigerator. Then they delayed the shipment a whole month, when they said they had 4 in stock at the time I purchased it, so I had no refrigerator for a month. If that wasn’t enough, they installed it incorrectly, and flooded my kitchen. So you can see why I don’t want to go through that channel again.)

I told LeAnne what a fiasco Sears was. I said that she could give me a rebate or something for my inconvenience. She said LG doesn’t give rebates, which is incorrect, because LG has a $400 rebate going on right now.

I asked LeAnne if she could give me her manager’s name. She said she couldn’t.

I am so frustrated about this. LG clearly, incorrectly states that the fridge has adjustable shelves, which it clearly doesn’t. That is false advertising. Furthermore, LG apparently doesn’t own up to it’s mistakes (based on my conversation with supervisor LeAnne), nor does LG care about it’s customers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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