I have bought split AC in 2009 which is under AMC currently.

Recently I moved to some other place and LG person (or may be some other person to whom LG hires on contract basis for installation)

has reinstalled my AC. From then onwards in every 15 days, I have to get gas refilled in my AC.

LG service persons are not able to identify the leakage. Everytime I have specifically told them that there was a leakage and first try

to find that and then fill the gas. In the end they always used to come up with an excuse that they have fixed something and gas should not leak.

I have got gas refilled in my AC 4 times in last 2 months. Now again cooling is gone. Everytime I have lodged the complaint I have specifically

mentioned that the problem was persistent and requested to send someone who could identify the leakage and fix the problem, but all in vain.

Is there anyone listening in LG and willing to hear customer complaints.

Mob : 9910385586

My last 3 complaint numbers are - RNA120403010784, RNA120330083843 and RNA120715091525

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