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In June of 2015 we purchased $5,000 worth of LG appliances from an HHGregg store in Geneva, Il. At the time they were offering a $400 bundle rebate- $100 from HHGregg and $300 from LG.

It is now 9/1/15 and we still have not received the rebate that was suppose to go out in 6-8 weeks. Called LG as there is nowhere to check out rebate info on line. After 15 minutes of speaking to 2 reps in India I was transferred to someone in the rebate department named Toya. She was extremely rude and told me that my rebate was approved but LG would not release the rebates.

I asked her how she knew my rebate was approved since she did not have my name and she said that they had approved everyone that came in the mail. I told her that I was going to contact the states attorney as this is false advertising and she said "good, say hi to them for me" and then hung up

Reason of review: Rebate not sent.

Monetary Loss: $300.

I didn't like: Representative.

  • Lg Rebate Scam
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Same thing just happened to me.

Waiting over 14 weeks with no rebate. Bought a washer dryer bundle in October 2016.

After weekly phone calls, I still have not received anything. Any suggestions of how to move forward is greatly appreciated

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1275265

On Aug,6, 2016, I purchased a kitchen bundle from Home Depot, after a sales person showed me how I could get a $400 rebate. I've called several times and received several excuses as to why I haven't received the rebate....yet.

On Jan. 4, 2017, an honest rep from the Advertising Checking Bureau, the company claiming to be handling the rebates, stated that LG Electronics had not paid off on any of its campaigns. I called back today and was told the prepaid VISA card went out on January 5, 2017 and of course I have not received it. Supposedly, it went out one day after my last call to the number on the rebate form.

On January 4, I was told they had not received a mailing date for any rebates, for any LG Electronic campaigns and today, I was told my rebate went out the very next day, January 5, 2017. I know it was never sent because I never received it! Now I'm told that I have to wait for another 30 days before they will issue another prepaid card. I have contacted the Attorney General in the state of Virginia and they are very interested in investigating this case.

I just mailed the purchase receipt, rebate form, proof of mailing and Letter of Complaint. I will be sending the same package to the Attorney General in the state of TN. When I am finished with LG Electronics, I will be taking Home Depot to court, to obtain the rebate they told me I would receive, when talking me into purchasing the kitchen bundle. when I sign off here, I'll be putting another package together for the Federal Trade Commission.

The fight is on people!

If you are experiencing a problem with an LG Electronic debate, contact the Attorney General of your state and the state of Tennesse and contact the Federal Trade Commission, as soon as possible.

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