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Purchased a portable air conditioner from Home Depot in late May by July the thing was leaking water all over and ruined our carpet and hard wood floor under it. When we called for service we were told there isn't any service center in our area so they would have to find a private repair service to provide the required repairs.

Kent's appliance service was sent to look at the air conditioner and he said he would have to take it back to his shop for the repairs. Long story short that is the last time we saw the air conditioner. Repeated calls to him have gone unanswered. When we call LG they say they will escilate the call and will get back to me in 3 days with a resolution to my problem.

Never a call back from them. It is now six months since it was sent for repairs and every time I call LG it is the same answer. Never any resolution. So now I am out $700 and they refuse to handle this concern to my satisfaction.

Give me my money back and you will never hear from me again!!!! I will never buy anything with the LG lable again

Monetary Loss: $700.

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LG makes great stuff. My 2 LG units are still running with some noises, after 6 years.

Did you charge the air unit on an American Express card, by the way? Anyway, I am not an attorney, but I suggest you write down the information you have, with date Kent's came out. Check your cell bill for any phone calls to Kent's, etc., and do you know the name of who took the unit. You might decide to calmly call Kent's and if no satisfaction, report to BBB.

Do you know an attorney?

You might be able to report the unit stolen, but I don't know. Sounds like you should go after Kent's asap.

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