Purchased phone from HSN. Unable to get the 1000 minutes activated. Trying for 3 plus days.

No response from customerservice@simplywireless.com

Calls to 866-522-8484 refer me to HSN@simplywireless.com and disconnect after 5 minutes or go to phonemail.

HSN@simplywireless.com site displays "site under construction."

HSN LG 420g Tracfone product come with two sets of instructions. On from Tracfone and one for the 1000 minutes included with the HSN purchase.

The Tracfone instructions worked without problems and I was able to get phone number and 10 minutes airtime.

Contacted HSN and was instructed to call the same 866-522-8484 that I have been calling for 3 days.

Simplywireless is setting new standards for "Customer NOservice."

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