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I've bounght the LG bluetooth on the end of DEC,2010(Part#SGBS0005501 HBM-235) on, then i sent the rebate($20.00)out on JAN,5th's been for awhile i checked the rebate on with the rebate status:

Date submitted 2/2/2011

Last modified date:2/3/2011

Current status: Approved

Current Status: Your rebate has been approved and submitted for fulfillment. Please allow up to 60 days to fulfill your claim.

Since there i've checked the rebate by phone#901-348-9667(on 3/21/2011). they've told me your rebate needs 60 days to process the check to send out.

On 4/3/2011 i've sent the email to (has been provided by information)then they ask me call customer helpdesk#901-348-9667 and the lady told me it needs tobe 10 weeks to process,then i sent the email to question about the policy has changed(10 weeks) but they said the check will be processing to send to my home address shortly but until now i didn't receive anything yet????? I don't know this is a scam or not??? .....from the they they accepted it until now was 2 months and 6 days

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I bought 5 headsets for $20 each. These headsets are free after

rebate. I submitted all my rebates, the rebate check should be

$100, but they only refunded me $20, which is a partial of what I

should receive. I tried to call them twice. They said the program is

closed and they refuse to pay full amount.


I am in th same situation.

Called ACBPROMO and was told that an additional two weeks was required.

Person I was speaking to had an attitude when I asked why the delay. I guess a lot of other consumers are complaining.

LG has hired the worst company to process rebates. I will not give LG any further business because of this disrespect.

To *** with the both of them.

to lg-acbpromo_***ks #712152

We got a similar runaround when trying to redeem a free Netflix offer that we legitimately earned for purchasing an LG TV. When we submitted the claim online, our request was rejected--it said our TV's serial number was invalid.

We had to email a photo of the serial number from the back of our TV to LG and wait for a response from them, which took about 10 days. We've talked to others who purchased TVs which came with this Netflix offer, and they had to do the same thing. I think they purposely make it difficult to redeem the Netflix thing so that you'll just give up.

I won't buy another LG TV either. That's sad because I actually like my TV.

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