Lg Electronics Watch Repair Review from Chicago, Illinois

Absolutely the worst customer svc. Sent watch in for am estimate for a cracked screen, they wanted $80 for a 1"glass. Opted to not repair as watch still works fine. Got watch back, missing a screw, the other 3screws were falling out, and won't tighten. Sent back, with a note that I was aware of the screen issue, just wanted the screws fixed as they were responsible for this. They sent me another quote for the screen. 12 phone calls later, and hours literally, on hold, they finally agreed to fix the screw issue. Over a month without a working watch. I would gladly have paid $50 for a screen, but $80, they are nuts.
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Lg Electronics Watch Repair
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  • Cs lacks escalation options
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  • Customer service
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Poor customer service | Lg Electronics review from Chicago, Illinois

Hey I have a "60 LG plasma TV that i purchased a month ago but now im having problems with. the tv has been mounted on the wall and i was told in order for repairs to be done on the tv the tv will need to be unmounted, which cost $100 i will not pay to unmount the tv for the faulty product that was sold to me because its not my fault that the tv is having problems. i also called into the 1800 # and spoke with Brie (badge # ai0050703) and she was very rude and wouldn't get me to a manager also she hung up the phone on me as well.
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Lg Electronics Tv
  • The Wall
We bought an LG dishwasher when we moved into our new house 6 years ago. We've had nothing but problems from the very beginning. It has never washed dishes properly, at all really! Then the handle broke, then it started leaking water, then it was making weird grinding...
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Lg Electronics Warranty

LG Products and Services | Lg Electronics review from Chicago, Illinois

We purchased an LG Large Capacity Top Load Washer two years ago. Within six months the machine literally imploded causing property damage to our home. LG was unrsponsive and Home Depot, being great at customer service, stepped up and replaced the washer. 14 months later the washer is broken again. 4 weeks post breakdown and a lack of customer service, 3 cancelled appointmets by the LG authorizied technician and still not even a date to come fix the machine. I'll have to purchace a new washer this weekend. Rest assured it will not be manufactured by LG. The machine breaking down is bad enough but the utter lack of responsiveness by LG and it's representatives takes the cake. It is obvious to me that they do not stand by their products. If there are any LG rep's reviewing this site I look forward to hearing from someone that has the ability to get things done.
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Wow does this sound familiar. My front load machine also imploded - it slowly re-filled with water after a finished load, probably due to a malfunctioning water shut-off valve - until the door burst open and flooded my house.

LG does NOT stand behind their crapola products. This product is still in warranty and they claim it's not their product's fault so they won't cover the damage to my home. They very generously offered to return the malfunctioning parts to me so I could conduct my own testing! Gee, that sounds rather expensive. no thanks, since the damage to my floors is going to be several grand already.

Will NEVER buy LG again, and I'm telling all my friends the same.

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Lg Electronics Washing Machine

Appliances | Lg Electronics review from Chicago, Illinois

i recently bought a lg washer lg appliances are the worst appliances that you could buy ,also there are no parts distributers in chicago that sell parts because lg does not allow their parts to be sold unless they are factory service center for them thats a bunch of b s BEWARE CONSUMERS DO NOT BUY L G APPLIANCES THEY ARE *** ! ! ! the washer does not wash good and it smells like a sewer if not used all the time the lg dihwasher is a joke in it self its so noisy when its running that i cant hear myself thinki would never buy lg appliances again
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Lg Xenon is a bad phone and Lg does not stand by their products. | Lg Electronics review from Chicago, Illinois

I recently upgraded my phone to the Lg Xenon... BIG MISTAKE, after 40 days the LCD screen cracked during normal usage, I contacted AT&T about it and they told me there was nothing they could do because i bought it 40 days ago and they stop covering at 30 days. Lg offered to repair it but i then received a letter in the mail telling me it would cost me $95 to fix. The part cost &35 and when i contacted them with links to forums with people with the same issue i was blown off three times and told i can either pay the $95 to have them fix it or have it returned... the do not stand by their products.
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lg needs to step it up :(


i had the phone for a year. the first problem of screen orientation.

sent in. fixed for $42. second problem mic doesnt work. sent in.


not fixed. :(

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