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I recently bought a new house with a remodeled kitchen that included a brand-new LG refrigerator purchased new from Fry's Electronics. Because no one occupied the house between the time the fringe was installed and we moved in, no one because aware that the fridge was not cooling.

I call LG customer services and it started well, prompt access to an agent (low cost call center in the Philippines) that scheduled a repair center. Within a week, the visit was scheduled, I was impressed. The technician confirmed that I was facing a sealed system failure, a repair that he was not qualified to carry. That is when things fell appart...

Now 8 weeks since my first call, 17 (yes seventeen) hours on the phone with LG customer support (always the Pilipino call center - nice and polite folks, but bound by process to not do anything other than level 1 support), 4 repair center later, I still do not have a working fridge nor a resolution. I tried to escalate 3 times by call asking for a manager in that center... The first one, I gave up after being on-hold for 45 mn. The second one asked me where i bought the fridge and when given the answer, transferred me to Fry's, (without telling me or the Fry person) for which I was on-hold for another 40mn.

The third manager (I am not sure he was a supervisor at all) gave me the run around and eventually ask me to find a local center on my own to repair the fridge. When I said that was not my job, he hang-up. I also called LG’s NA HQ (201) 816-2000 and left voicemails with a plea for a call back that never came. Finally, at 8 weeks and calling at that point daily, my case was elevated to Executives services who reported that they had exhausted the option at their disposal and were opening a case with Return Authorization Team.

I was excited at the prospect of finally moving forward. Too excited??? I called the number they send me by email.

The representative there (which I assumed to be US based) was no longer polite, very abrupt, got my case number, reviewed it for 22 mn (another hold) before getting back to me with 2 questions: 1) Why would I ever buy a 3 years old fridge from Fry’s, insinuating that is why I was having so much trouble with it (yes, it is now my fault) and 2) Did I not read the mail that said they would get back to me in 3 days? So here you go wait… And when I said what kind of customer service is this, she hang-up… Bottom line, stay away from LG, if you have a problem with their product, start praying…

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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LG customer service is a JOKE!!They promised me my *** refrigerator would be fixed by the middle of next week.

NEVER!! They take your money before they schedule an appointment and then any and all promises NEVER HAPPEN.

1000% DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!! Then they each point the finger at each department.

Blame the consumer relations dept, blame the warranty company, blame the repair vendor! total BS!! I am going to do my best to spread the word.


My refrigerator died after 4 years of normal use. Look online.

Everywhere you look there are 1 star reviews with angry customers. EVERYWHERE!!!

LG I am going to spread the word as far as I can and hope you lose a ton of business.Horrible company


True. They have no customer service.

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