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Hello Craig Knohl. Welcome to LG Electronics U.S.A. Support only. How may I provide you with excellent service today?

3:43 PM Fenny: Hello, Craig!

3:43 PM Fenny: How may I assist you today?

3:44 PM Craig Knohl: I recently sent in my phone for repair and it was returned on grounds that their was water damage.

3:44 PM Craig Knohl: The water damage was from my sweat because I held the phone in my hand when I was jogging--I am an avid runner and do this occasionally.

3:45 PM Fenny: I see.

3:45 PM Fenny: May I have the RA# so I could check it here in our system?

3:45 PM Craig Knohl: My question is --That is considered water damage?

3:46 PM Craig Knohl: ad167g09795

3:50 PM Fenny: Thank you for patiently waiting, Craig.

3:52 PM Craig Knohl: Ok

3:53 PM Fenny: Upon checking the RA#, it seems that our technicians have deemed that there was a liquid damage in your phone, and unfortunately it was unrepairable by our technicians.

3:55 PM Craig Knohl: I understand--But my question is should that have occurred from just body water --I never dropped this in the toilet, ocean, rain--It was from my sweaty hand?

3:56 PM Craig Knohl: If so then --that is not good for your product! I never had this with my I phone or Moto G.

3:56 PM Craig Knohl: I realize that you might not be able to help me. I just want to make sure I try all that I can before I 1. Throw the phone away

3:57 PM Fenny: I'm not really sure about that, sir. There are some cases that it might have been due to moisture or humidity.

3:57 PM Craig Knohl: 2. Never buy an LG product again --because I think that is unfair.

3:58 PM Craig Knohl: If it was moisture and humidity then I don't think then that is fair because the product can not withstand the weather here in hawaii?

3:58 PM Fenny: I do understand where you are coming from, and I am really sorry for the inconvenience this must have caused you, sir. We are only standing behind on our technician's assessment.

3:59 PM Craig Knohl: Well your technician is not being fair

3:59 PM Craig Knohl: Thank you but I totally disagree.

3:59 PM Craig Knohl: It is not your fault and I think I understand you cannot just send me a new phone

4:00 PM Craig Knohl: I just want to make sure I exhaust all opportunity before I throw the phone away

4:01 PM Fenny: I really do apologize, sir. The other option that I could provide to you is, you may check with your local carrier if they can still replace your phone. Or you can also try to bring your phone to any 3rd party electronics shop to see if they can repair your phone for you.

4:02 PM Craig Knohl: My local carrier was ATT and I bought the phone from Best Buy--They both told me to deal with your Company

4:03 PM Craig Knohl: I definitely am not going to pay someone to fix something like this

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics G3 D850 Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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