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Any product is as good as the company that supports it! But the problem with this Microwave and the company behind it is that both are unreliable and not to be trusted at all!!

I bought this product from one of those fancy showrooms in west delhi (exclusive Lg showrooms). After one year just before my warranty the internal stainless steel cabinet had to be replaced. I had to haggle with the company . I had some real big shots from the company come over to take a look at the Microwave. They replaced the cabinet - but it was not an easy job for me to convince them to do so. The internal cabinet is made of substandard stainless steel.

After the second year of use, the charcoal heater broke down. At this time I was in touch with some product managers and I was hard put to convince them that it was not my fault that the heater broke down. . The company charged me for this (naturally). I paid without objections. Once I got the unit back I thought my problems were over. After that the microwave unit or magnetron broke down.

These guys took the Microwave and spent around two weeks trying to fix it. They then gave up totally. I mean if LG is not going to fix the Microwave, who is? 25000 Rupees down the drain.

Their service executives don't have a clue about what to do and how to provide a total solution. I finally gave up and sold this piece of junk on one of those sites where second hand junk is sold.

But just a little above two years?

The point is that the company just does not care! My life after buying this Microwave has definitely not been good. Trust me I would not recommend this Microwave and above that I would not recommend this company at all. It sells inferior products and tries to sell an image where a customer is taken in by fancy features, slick styling and great advertising.

But is the product reliable? No. Don't buy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Microwave.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: No solution.

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