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We purchased this LG TV from Amazon on Nov 29, 2010 for $550. We also purchased an extended warranty from ServiceNet for $69.99 for 3 years (in fact 2 years because the manufacturer covers year 1). The TV started having problems in early 2012 (approximately 14 months after purchase)with a green band covering the left side of the TV (intermittent but consistent). The bottom line was that Service Net would not repair it because the repair was over $800 and LG would not repair it because I had an extended warranty and they would not repair it under LG extended warranty.

Lesson to be learned - ServiceNet is limited warranty and won't cover major repairs to the TV and LG TVs are of such poor quality that they are in essence garbage after the manufacturer's warranty expires. I find it hard to believe that LG does not stand behind its product. In fact we purchased an LG TV before, it had a similar problem and Best Buy stood behind the warranty.

So, here's the Catch 22 - LG won't offer extended warranty to repair their TV because I purchased an extended warranty from ServiceNet and ServiceNet won't cover the cost of repair because LG TV's are too expensive to repair.

Caveat emptor..... don't buy LG42 TV's....they have a consistent problem with the panel / screen....if you do...the extended warranty through ServiceNet will do you no good if you need something major repaired.

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