Elmhurst, Illinois

I bought a new LG Hi Definition LCD tv and have been disappointed from day one. The TV had a lip-sync problem, the sound doesn't match the picture.

LG blames it on my cable box (I don't even have one)and say's it's not the TV, yet no other TV's have the problem. Next, after 14 months the main board went out. The remote would not word and the warranty expired two months ago. I took it to an independent repair shop who said he could fix it, but the TV isn't worth fixing.

Now after 20 months the HDMI input is not working. The picture drops out and I have to turn the TV off and on again to start it up.

My advice is to stay away from LG.

I have a friend who also had problems with his LG. He bought a Samsung and it has been flawless.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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LG is a joke. 6 years ago I have purchased a LCD TV for almost 1400 USD.

After few days I exchanged it then few days later I decided to get my money back. Since then their logo is like a punched face in the eye...


i am having the exact problem and will no longer purchase lg products!


I have the same problem as the lady above me. After 3 years the picture now shuts off every 5 mins or earlier.

I can still hear the show but cant see it. I have to turn off the tv and turn it back on - which takes 2 or more mins to reset.


any ideas on how to fix? is it work fixing?


I've had my 47LG50 47"LCD for about 2 years and the picture turns to a black/blue screen every 5 minutes. I too have to turn the TV off, then back on to get the picture back only to repeat it again and again.

What the !@*^%$#!!!!!!

At $1700.00 shouldn't a product last longer than 2 years????? I'm single working class mother of two teenage boys, no child support. I cannot afford another TV!!!

Any luck with the company standing by it's products people? Please advise.

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