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I bought an LG washer twenty five months ago - lots of dials, displays, funky noises and looked like it could get the job done. And oh yeah, got it from Home Depot, another company I won't buy an appliance from again.

Model WM2240C quit working over a week ago and the AE technician came out briefly (a whole other story) and declared the computer to have gone toes up, leaves and orders the part which came in two days ago. I wasn't happy with the response or information from AE and called LG America to find out if they could help expedite the repair and on speaking with a guy in their "Executive Customer Solutions" was given a lecture on computer chips and how they sometimes go "bad" (shock horror, no really, they can do that) <>> and it wasn't exactly helpful talking down to me like that, assuming I was not tech savvy.

So, he says he has registered my complaint and I asked well what is that going to do for me and he said well the complaint will go to the manufacturer in Korea and I said yeah, so, I am in the US, so I get another lecture about the corporate structure, the global structure and how LG is not an American company, the parent is Korean.

The upshot was, I got nothing out of this lengthy conversation/lecture, and I had a moment of clarity. That LG America gives Americans jobs and in customer service that job appears to be to diss the parent company by implying LG America can do nothing, it's all on them.

It has left a really bad taste in my mouth because this to me is a worse idea than outsourcing, to pretend to be an American company but who is actually unable to assist customers when they have service or equipment issues.

The last part of my lecture was basically that it was my fault for not buying the LG protection which is a bit much given I thought I was buying it, but that's on Home Depot.

No resolution there, I hope the machine is fixed by AE soon but as things stand, I will never buy LG again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washing Machine.

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