Edmonton, Alberta

Purchased LG Fridge and stove. Arrived over a week late and at time and date I said I would not be home. Neither HomeDepot nor LG will take responsibility for damage, their response to phone calls, just put you in perpetual circle between the companies.

Took time off work to receive items as no matter how many calls to HD or Delivery service, could not get prober persons to speak with or get them to listen or change time/date.

Both items arrived damaged, HD said to call LG, LG said was HD problem. After many calls, fianlly received call from a Hussein at LG and told to call him. When called LG, reps were very pugnacious and unhelpful. Was told that no Hussein worked at LG, I said well I have a voice recording from him and this #. Also told quite rudely that the damage was not their responsibility (even though it was LG factory damage). Asked to speak to supervisor to clear this up. Supervisor EXTREMELY rude, said no Hussein there and "what's your problem, the damage on the fridge is in the back where you can't see it". I told him this was a ridiculous thing to say to a customer that just spent over $2000 for a new item. I then told him the damage on the stove was on the front, (and clearly visible by his definition of damage) and he then, with hostility, had me describe it (huffing through phone like I'm an *** as I tried to describe exact area) and he then, in a derogatory manner, said not LG's problem.

When I asked to have the name and contact info for a manager at LG, I was told "LG has no managers"!! I then insisted that all businesses have manager and supervisors, and asked if I was indeed speaking to a supervisor. This "supervisor" finally relented and with antagonistic tone told me the name of a manager and gave a wrong e-mail address and stated hostily "I could only e-mail the manager not write a manager" (I believe e-mail involves writing). It's hard to believe how LG supervisor was so hostile at this point, no people skills in tone and demeanour.

Finally googled a manager, who was polite, said he would have his superiors informed and get back right away , wouldn't leave me in the lurch.

Well, here I am, weeks later, no help or resolution from LG or HD for the damaged items. Praying that these appliances don't break as I know that LG and HD as this experience shows how terrible these companies are for customer support or service. They just put you in a perpetual loop until you go away frustrated and leave them alone, knowing it is futile to get a response from either.

Don't buy from LG or Home Depot, terrible service and hostile or ignorant customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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