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I purchased an LG refrigerator and a dishwasher throgh in November, 2009 for 2 reasons: 1. the LG rebate & 2.

free shipping. Home Depot delivered but LG has not.

Their paperwork said 6 to 8 weeks; it's been about 15 weeks & no rebate. Home Depot says they cannot help because it is a manufacturer's rebate and LG says, "just a few more weeks..." The first time I called around the middle of January, 2010, I was told just a few more weeks; 6 weeks later, "just a few more weeks." I think it's all a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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It's Home Depot also they are not the same store from years ago. They just don't care anymore about their customers. They have made their money and not it is time for them to run.


LG is still not honoring it's rebates..but not just thru home depot. My mother bought a bluetooth device.

I waited the amount of time directed, but they are now telling me they have no record of it, nor can they honor it because the offer is now closed. I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen.

LG will not be on the list of appliances that I purchase. If you cannot depend on them to send you a rebate, how can you depend on them to honor their warranty?


it seems that all of the above complaints stem from purchases made at home depot. i'm wondering if the problem is lg or home depot?


Everybody. Please go on to file a suit against LG. LG will come back to settle with you once they get the suit from BBB.


LG will never get my business again. Bought all new appliances for my kitchen hoping that I could save the rebate to use elsewhere in my home.

It has been 12 weeks and all the customer service numbers I have called are disconnected!

This is a total scam and need to be stopped. I see the Home Depot is advertising a rebate for them again


Purchased our LG refrigerator in Alaska by phone for our new home in Az, drove 3700 miles keeping in mind to get our rebate form sent in on time when we got there as $100 is a lot of money to throw away. Mailed it(postmarked) 1 week before deadline and just got a letter from them saying we didn't make the deadline. reading the other comments this is obviously a scam. I bought multiple LG products in the past so the *** will loose more than the $100 in the future as I inform friends and others of their tactics and my last purchase of there products


i to am having a problem. they also said i did not send in correct forms.

i have my copies so i know i did it right.

called and they were very rude. will not buy LG product again


Wow - this site is very discouraging...I've figured it was just me waiting on my LG rebate - and it's been 7 weeks I may never see a check. I too was told my status says "being processed".


Yeah i sent my rebate in around june or july its oct. and still haven't received rebate.

Was suppose to be recieving $800, bought a lg washer, dryer, fridge and dishwasher. of corse called home depot said to call lg. its after hoours so I have to wait til tomorrow to call.

hopefully i can get my rebate sounds like a lot of problems everyone is having with this. its crazy!

Truckee, California, United States #183191

I received my rebate. You need to submitt the rebate with the reciept that shows the "o" balance and the reciept with the purchased amount (there are two).


I guarentee that they bank on the fact that no one will stay on top of it, Oh I deinitely will. that is the whole reason we bought all LG products.

We bought all of our stuff the first week in April and received a letter the second week of may saying that we didn't provide everything (which is not true because I put everything in the envelope that we got back)I just called this morning (12 weeks later) "Tim" says yup yup we have all your information its in line to be sent out to you guys.

juuust a couple more weeks. Unbelievable!


I mailed my rebate form with a copy of the receipt on April 12, 2010.

5/20 Called 1-877-333-9203 on the status. Needed an itemized bill from Home Depot. Faxed it to 1-901-345-8812. 5/26 called to verify receipt of the itemized bill. They received it - and Debbie said that it would be processed by the end of the week.

6/04 called to check status AGAIN - according to Matt, was received and approved on 5/25 and was currently being "processed."

7/12 called ONCE AGAIN to check status, Tim said it was "under final review by LG and hasn't even been 8 weeks yet."

I'm fed up. I will never buy another LG product. I spent almost $4,000 in LG appliances in my kitchen - fully expecting a rebate for a portion of that!


My husband and I purchased LG washer and dryer in May from Home Depot in Knightdale NC. Our rebate is for the pedestals, buy one get one free.

I am a bit aggravated now so I am giving up names and everything. I checked the status today with LG rebate center 877 333 9203. I spoke with Michelle and she told me they only received the receipt and that they needed add'l information. Duh!

That didn't make since, we sent them what the rebate form asks for, the rebate form itself and the receipt from Home Depot. I called back to the rebate center and spoke with Matt this time because what Michelle said just didn't make any since to me. Matt told me our receipt isn't itemized. It needs to be itemized to show them what we actually purchased.

I checked the receipt and he was correct. However, Wayne Sturdivant at Home Depot printed out two sets of documents for my husband and I. One for us to keep and the other set to submit for the rebate. I was given a fax number by Matt 910 345 8812 to fax the correct documentation, the Special Services Customer Invoice.

So I have been trying to fax this 4 page document since 10:30am today. I keep getting an error message "remote side hang-up." Hmmmm...wonder what they will do next to try not to give us our rebate. One things for sure, Home Depot won't ever-ever have to worry about us shopping there again or recommending anyone else to shop there. To partner with a company that gives terrible rebate service is a bad thing for their company and terrible for their customers.

They tell you before and after the sale that they aren't responsible for the rebate and that they will have absolutely nothing to do with the rebate processing. That is between us and the rebate center. However, we are, or were a customer of Home Depot and you would think they would do a better job at trying to satisfy their customers.

They may have gotten that one big sale out of my husband and I but if it is up to us, they won't get another from us or anyone else we know. Betcha'that!


I am going to report this to my state Attorney General. Each of you might do the same if you have not received yours yet.

In NC there is a Consumer Protection Division that investigates consumer complaints. The form clearly 6-8wks.


LG is horrible!! I ordered an ENTIRE kitchen set from Home Depot, four appliances $4k+.

LG mis-labeled my shipment so my appliances sat in a warehouse. Took 2wks to get the order straightened out from my orig ship date. I have also NOT received my rebate either.

I want their washer/dryer but I will NEVER go through that again. I will be looking at Lowe's to see what other lines they carry...


I finally got the check. Had to go to Home Depot where I bought it from and made enough noise.

The guy who sold me the appliance finally got it moving from LG. They have better leverage than you do in calling LG directly.


When we call 1-877-333-9203, you may get "circuit busy" response. 1-866-239-8528 gives a fast busy tone.1-800-860-1774 same issue.

BTW - these are the numbers I gathered, while chasing this ***.

I did receive my rebate ($500), but had to yell and screem at few people on the way.

I am sure these guys are doing what they are paid to do - it certainly feels like a scam.

Who will have energy/time to stay on this? Some people give up and the rebate-processing company probably keeps the money.


Same response. We have your paperwork, but waiting for LG approval, check back in 2 weeks.

We all should call every 4 hours and ask for manager.

HomeDepot should be ashamed for allowing a rebate form with invalid web-link on it.

This is plain cheating and they should add some interest (how about 5%?)


WOW! I thought it was just me.

I called today and they said it will be another 2-3 weeks. I submitted my rebate paperwork on Jan 5.


Me too. Same problem, I emailed Home Depot and LG.

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