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Update by user Dec 28, 2017

Part had to be reordered by the tech because LG advised him that the part was not shipping for some reason under the current order. The part arrived the next day (Dec 23) late and the tech came out on the 24th (Christmas eve) to replace it. This is a month after it broke.

Update by user Dec 28, 2017

I never received a call back on Dec 21 or anytime after that for that matter from the next level of people. Go LG for your excellent customer service.

At this point I gave up and figured I would call again after the holiday. This sucks but what can you do because no matter what is done I would not have a fridge for Christmas. Dec 24th As I am prepping for a family gathering later in the afternoon I get a call around 9:30am. It turns out it is the tech that did the original validation of issue and parts order.

He tells me that the part came in the night before and if I wanted he would swing by and install it, says it should only take a few minutes. I told him sure. I can't believe my ears and thought I was dreaming but he showed up about 2 hours later. Now I can tell you this is not a normal work day for him because he was dressed very nice as if he was going to a party or maybe even church.

He did his thing by replacing the part and verified it was working. He also told me that LG could not figure out why the part would not ship from the original order so they made him order it again for which it shipped right away. Way to go LG for not being able to get this remedy a couple weeks ago. For the Tech graciously coming to fix my fridge I gave him a nice bottle of wine.

I wish I could have given him more but that's all I had. As for LG, this issue seems to be resolved now.

It has been a few days and the fridge is working and I have been able to go food shopping. I can honestly say that I will never buy another LG appliance again and considering my age, this could be quite a few appliances of the next few decades.

Update by user Dec 21, 2017

Thursday Dec 21st I called yesterday as I stated. I was told that something was wrong with the shipping system and that they will ship the part again.

They also said they talked with the company doing the service to do some coordination to ensure they will come to fix my fridge as soon as possible after the delivery of the product. I asked to talk to a supervisor but none were available so they transferred me to executive services - again. The lady I talked to was the first of all the people that actually sounded sorry for what is going on. She confirmed that a "food loss" request was processed and explained I should expect to receive that in the next couple of weeks.

I explained everything - again - and she attempted to contact parts to get some answers. After being on hold for about 10 minutes she came back on and told me that the parts system was down and would not be up till the morning and she would call me back in the morning after doing some research for me. I reluctantly agreed to this because I had been on the phone for over an hour and need to start figuring out what to do for the holidays. I got the call back this morning at the time expected from the same person in executive services.

She proceeded to tell me that the part did in fact ship Monday and it should show up today or tomorrow at the service center. I reminded her that the FedEx info had a different opinion on this since it still says "label created" only. I jokingly said I could have driven to the warehouse even if it was in Alaska to get the part. I also stated that this means what I was told yesterday before being transferred to her was a lie since they did not ship the part again.

At this point I asked for whoever is the next level. She agreed that is the next step and said I have to get a call back from them.

I agreed because what am I going to do? Lets see what happens when I get the call back.

Update by user Dec 20, 2017

Today is Wednesday Dec 20th. I called back Monday night and was told the part was marked shipped but could not get any other information.

It was a short call because I was looking for specific information I did not get. I called back Tuesday morning and was told the part did in fact ship and it was going via FedEx and we sent for next day delivery. This is progress because we actually have a shipping company. They did not have a tracking number though as they said there was not one attached to the workorder.

Interestingly enough, about 3 hours after the call I got a text message from LG with tracking information. When I clicked the tracking link it told me the label was created at 1:11pm the day before (Monday) and the expected delivery date was by end of day Tuesday. I proceeded to call the tech company that it should be going to. Today, as of 1pm, the FedEx tracking information has changed to delivery date as PENDING.

No details beyond the label being created are available. It is about time there is progress but at this point I am just thinking they created the label to shut me up.

I will be calling LG this afternoon to try and get so detail as to why the part has not left the building. More to come.

Update by user Dec 18, 2017

Today (Monday Dec 18th) I got my scheduled call back at 10:15am. A little late but I received it.

The person on the phone - the same one I talked to yesterday - said she confirmed the part was still on back order. She then proceeded to transfer me to a supervisor but warned it may take a while. After being on hold for almost 10 minutes the call went quite and then hung up 30 seconds later. I proceeded to call back.

I talked to a person named Casper. When I said I was waiting on hold for a supervisor and was disconnected, he then questioned why. So I told him. He said to hold on then came back about a minute later with details on my case that I already knew.

I asked for a supervisor again and he said please hold. He came back a minute later again with more details and "questions" about my case. I simply asked if it is truly this hard to talk to a supervisor. He proceeded to tell me there are no supervisors in his area so he could not transfer me.

I took this as there is no supervisor works at LG at this time since none were available. He said he could transfer me to executive services as that was the only thing he could do. I agreed because I wanted to talk to someone that hopefully knew something. So he transferred me and I waited.

I waited about 10 minutes when it was answered. After reviewing my case and making a phone call to the parts center I was told that the part was in stock and releasing to shipment today. Of course he said this was after they refreshed the screen, go figure. I am skeptical about this since this is the third time I am being told that it is being shipped.

I asked if it was going to be next day to the tech but the person said they had no way of telling which I find hard to believe. So I then asked if I could get notification that the item did in fact ship. He said no. So I asked if I call back tonight if they could tell me if the part shipped.

The answer was yes.

So I will be calling tonight when I leave work to see if the part did in fact ship out. Stay tuned...

Original review posted by user Dec 17, 2017

On Nov 25, 2017 (the Saturday after thanksgiving) I put in a call to LG for my 4 door refrigerator ($2200+) that was purchased on July 4th just a few months prior. The issue was I was getting an error code that meant there was an issue with the main fan and service was needed.

No problem, or so I thought. The person on the phone was nice and told me that they created the ticket but it will not dispatch till Monday and they even gave me the name and number to the company being dispatch (third party authorized servicer, not LG themselves). I thought this was great. Before hanging up I was told that I will get a call Monday to find out when the tech will be there.

end of call. Come Monday. nothing by lunch time. I call and leave a message with the company.

Monday ends. Tuesday, nothing by mid morning so I call the company again. I finally get a call back right after lunch and they tell me they can't get there before Friday and I should call and get the call re-dispatched. Ok.

no problem, right? I called LG immediately and they accommodated the request. New dispatch and new company. I immediately call the company and leave a message (not surprised of the no answer).

I do get a call back and the technician comes out. He confirms there is an issue with the fan and a part is needed. Go Figure. He says he will order the part and will call when he will be back.

Should be Friday. At this point I am thinking this is great. LG is known for great products and it seems like they stand behind them also. I am good at this point.

Friday comes and goes but the tech calls me to say the part still isn't showing shipped but he will let me know when it gets here. Good. I call LG. This is where the fun begins.

They tell me that the part I need is on backorder and expected in Sunday to the parts depot and will ship them. I confirm this and continue by stating that this means it will ship Monday (since they are closed sunday) , delivery Tuesday at the earliest with the tech possibly coming out Wednesday but realistically Thursday or Friday due to scheduling. LG would not confirm or refute this observation. I ask about food reimbursement and they tell me LG does nothing like that, sorry.

Monday comes and goes. Tuesday comes and I get a call from the tech around mid morning to which he tells me he stills see the part as backorder. I tell him thanks and I will call LG. I then call LG.

The confirm the part is still on back order and then tell me it is unknown as to when the part will be available. what!? I ask how they can put a new product on the market and not be able to fix it? of course they could not answer this.

The good news, or at least at this point it was, that since the part was unavailable they are going change my ticket from repair to replace. This means it goes to another team to review and decide to replace physically or monetarily. I was told this takes up to 5 business days. It is Tuesday so by the following Tuesday I should know when I will have a working fridge.

ha ha ha on me. I call Friday just to see about if by chance anything is updated and was told that I should receive a call in the next two business days with the next steps. I am frustrated at this point but happy that it looks like the end is near. I mean I am trying to plan for the holidays and currently could not store cold food.

To my surprise I get a call by the end of the day (Friday) however it was a joke. The person politely confirmed my phone number and details and then proceeded to tell me to stay by the phone because someone will be calling with what is happening. Great. (side note, still waiting for that call so you can see where this is going).

The next week is a mash of phone calls and I don't remember exactly what day was what. But I do remember I called that Thursday and was told my claim for replacement was denied because the part was available now. I was happy to hear because I could care less what happens as long as I get a working fridge. I was told the part would be to the technician the next day but they could not (or would not) give me any additional information.

With this info I called the tech company (thankfully they remembered me) and told them what LG said. They agreed to call me when the part arrived so that we could schedule the repair. Friday came and gone. I was out of town so I could not call LG till Sunday morning, which I did (that's today, 12/17, the start of week 4 with no fridge).

They could not give me any information at this point, nothing. I did learn that they supposedly were giving me a food reimbursement but no idea of the amount. I have yet to see it but if it shows up at least it is something at this point. My call ended with me having a scheduled call back between 9am and 10am the next day (Monday) because there were no supervisors that could address my issue on Sundays.

I think they said it was parts but not sure. At this point I just want a working fridge. In 7 days it is Christmas Eve which will also put this at over 4 weeks without a fridge. I can honestly say that no matter the outcome of this incident I will NEVER EVER buy an LG appliance again.

EVER. Buyer beware.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Customer service does not care and does not help, Repair service, Refrigerator.

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