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Purchased a Oven, Refrig, and Dishwasher all LG. All ***!

Oven cost $1200.00. It is only 3 months old and the bottome of the knobs have melted. When I called to have them replaced they said I used something on them to clean them. NOT.

They were melted! Dishwasher a piece of ***. Frig the inside under the shelves is turning colors. It cost $2500.00 double freezer on the bottome.

Never again! Don't do it. Go to Sears and get the kemore. That stuff lasts forever.

I will never buy LG again. They are not worthy of my money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Oven.

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I stand by my GE and Kitchen Aid appliances. They've been great.

But to keep competing with LG like brands they may have to start making them in China as well. Why don't Americans protect their own?

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