Here's something the sales person won't tell you when you are at the store and thinking about buying an LG appliance in Canada. When the day comes (and it will, sooner than you think) that the appliance needs repairs, and you are handy with tools and you decide you want to change that part yourself and save some cash, well you will be SH*T out of luck because no LG parts can be purchased either through a parts dealer or through LG, they won't sell it to you.

Only certified LG repairmen are allowed to purchase the parts and the reason is they want the repair guy to go to your house and make the repairs and increase your cost's. I had a bad pump motor on my 2 year old dishwasher, I removed the pump and went to a parts dealer. Well as soon as I walked into the parts store the guy behind the parts counter knew right away what I had in my had, he said thats an LG circulation motor for a LG dishwasher you got, right? I said yes, he said forget about it, i'm not allowed to sell that part to anyone except an LG certified repairman, I said WHAT?

He told me that it's LG's policy, so I called LG Canada and they told me the same thing "oh no sir, no distributor is allowed to sell you that part" I said why not? she replied "only our certified tech's can install that" So I said, you expect to charge people parts and labor for a total of approximately $300 dollars on a dishwasher that I purchased new for $800? That's robbery, she said "well you have no choice, that's the way it is", I replied "like *** it is, I'll find it on the net" and hung up. Well to my surprise, no USA parts dealer is allowed to ship that LG part to Canada, they tell me the same story,....LG won't allow them.

So since I was going that week to the States I picked up a new motor at the local dealer and brought it back to Canada and installed the motor, total cost was $71 dollars. F-U LG.

Don't buy LG products, cheaply made, poor customer service.

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