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We have purchased a LG front-load washer and dryer in 2005 and it broke today,9-4-08. My LG dishwasher, purchased in early 2006, broke 3 weeks ago and we are waiting for parts.

The lights on both my LG refrigerator and LG microwave went out within a year of purchase (2005&2006). The lights needed to be ordered and required a service person to replace them as the access was so awkward.

Never buy LG products unless you like wating on the phone for service departments, then waiting for the repair people to when they say they will come.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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Bought upscale LG Gas Dryer ($1400.00). Gas regulator just went south for the winter after only 3 1/2 years of service in our home of just 2 adults.

Horrible comment from person answering the phone when we dialed their main number ("Maybe you just got a lemon").

A $1400.00 lemon! Are you kidding me???? What kind of junk is LG making?

It's going to cost us just over $300.00 to get the regulator replaced. This will be the last LG item we ever buy.

"Life is NOT Good" w/LG.

Sudbrooke, England, United Kingdom #166730


I also have had many LG Products break down way before they should have ever given me a problem. I have had trouble with a DVD recorder (broke in less than two years, not fixable at repair shop), A plasma TV, (broke after three years, LG won't work with me on it), and now a refrigerator is now in need of repair after 6 years (which may be repairable but I am not holding my breath). All the products seem to be defective, poor customer service and a name to stay away from if you are smart. I will not purchase EVER another LG product.



LG5811 dishwasher is a $600 POS worked great for almost 2 years, then kerplunk kerplooey! replace sump assy.

to no avail. Do not buy an LG dishwasher!!

Gdansk, Pomorskie, Poland #36593

Similiar experience for us, bought a new LG dishwasher $800. 02/06.

We kept smelling something hot when it was running. Finally stopped working all together, the serviceman said we were lucky not to have had a fire the inside control panel had melted into a blob of plastic and wires.

LQ said, go *** up a rope. Expensive mistake


There is a reason LG appliances break down. Does anyone out there remember Goldstar?

They made the oh-so-famous $29 VCR's and $59 TV's a few years ago.

Well, when Korean appliance company Goldstar decided to go upscale in the major appliance business a few years ago, they knew that the name Goldstar had such a bad rep that they knew they had to come up with a new, catchy name, hence LG (for parent company name Lucky Goldstar). Being in the appliance retail business myself, I have heard countless horror stories about these products as well, and thankfully, we do not sell them.

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