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Update by user Jan 11, 2013

Here's the deal. Even though LG told me they weren't aware of the problem...they were! That is why they deleted the 12/5 update and replaced it with the 12/8 update.

After waiting and waiting, LG told me that they didn't have the BP125s in stock and was waiting for a "part" (probably a whole new motherboard) to fix the problem. I stated that was not good enough and called their corporate office.

I was able to work out my complaint and they replaced the BP125 with the BP220. IT IS A MUCH BETTER PLAYER! Also, as long as it is connected to my router, I can get instant updates directly from LG. I don't trust the download to USB method with these blu-ray players.

Make your complaints. Go to LG and tell them. Fight for your rights as a consumer! It works! Here is LG's Corporate telephone number.256-542-2745. They won't fix anything unless the consumers take a stand and report the issues. Don't let them try to charge you an "upgrade" fee because this was NOT your fault. It is the fault of LG Electronics and THEY MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE DAMAGE THAT THEY HAVE DONE!

Original review posted by user Dec 07, 2012

I purchased this DVD on November 23, 2012. Along with it, I purchased the Brave Blu-ray DVD. At 5:12, the DVD player shut off. LG stated they were aware of this problem and a firmware update would be posted on their website to fix the problem.

IT FIXED IT ALRIGHT! Now, the DVD player will not play ANYTHING at all! All I get is "LG...Life's Good". NO IT ISN'T!!!!

I called their customer service and received a case number. Now, I have to send it back and wait a MONTH for it to be repaired! That means that my family does not have a DVD player for the holidays!

LG doesn't mean "life's good"! They should rename themselves LC...Life's ***...and so are our products!

I have called their corporate office and they don't want to be bothered with this "problem". Also, they still have the firmware update on their website!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia #1009674

my lg BP-125 after i done the update it was stuck at the Lg logo.i can't belived this.


I am also having the same problem with the BP-125. Now that it's so old, they won't do anything.

This is ridiculous!

I'll never buy an LG product again! For it not even last two years!


Just today, I also went to the LG support site, and downloaded the firmware update for my LG BP-125. The player detected the updated firmware, and asked if I wanted to upgrade.

I did the upgrade, and left the machine alone, waiting for the update to complete. Several minutes later, the BP-125 shut itself down. When I tried to turn it back on, it just says "Hello" on the front LCD, and the LG logo is on my TV screen. It never leaves that screen, and is completely bricked.

The player does NOTHING else.

After about 10 minutes, it finally shuts itself down, but that’s all it does. I then researched the issue, and found out that the "updated" firmware has done this to MANY PEOPLE, yet LG has STILL not removed that firmware update from their website.

to KaufmanJ1973 #1081779

same thing just happened to me too kaufman. exact hello on player and tv screen lg logo. sucks but i guess i should had done more research bout the update.


Help I have a LG BP-125 and gets stuck once playing the DVD or Blue Ray disc, arround 1/3 after playing.It does not finish playing any disc, any suggestions?

to J***7173 #743978

You have to update the firmware in order for the video to play. I would make sure you have the player directly connected to your internet router and do an update directly. If you attempt to update with a USB card, it's a good chance it could brick the unit.

to Mysticblue71 #745283

thanks for the tip, one more question how do I connect the player to the internet? via HDMI cable to a laptop? Because I do not see any connector for internet.


hi there, I'd just like to share that I have a compatibility problem with disc "The other guys" and BP125; bluray is locked at the main menu, because there are some movieIQ+sync content not recognized.. extra content is fine instead :( LG ITALY seems not to acknowledge the issue..has any of you had the same problem? many thx

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #717430

I also have the BP220 and worked great for about 3 weeks until I now have to look at the LG logo for all times!!! I'm pissed!

to growncrazy #717562

My BP220 is working great! No problems since the BP125 was replaced.

I also do all of my firmware updates directly through the internet connection. So far, no problems.

Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan #668474

in my opinion, you can try another. maybe you should try totalmeida.

I have used it for almost 2 years and never had any problem. it plays blu ray on pc(arcsoft.com/topics/media-player/windows-blu-ray-player.html) smoothly. when i bought it, to my surprise, it can change region code, thus i'm never worried about relaxing myself when on business. It's an easy to use and professional blu ray player software(arcsoft.com/totalmedia-theatre/) for windows; including Windows 8.

of course, it fully integrates with Windows Media Center too. beyond your surprise, it's also a 3d video player(arcsoft.com/topics/media-player/how-to-play-3d.html).

to amenda8998 #717574

They don't sell Total Media in the states...that I'm aware of. I know that it's not sold in my area of Florida. It actually sounds like you are working for Total Media as your comment sounds like a commercial.

Noblesville, Indiana, United States #608804

I finally got in touch with someone at LG and they are refunding my money. Yes, it was a Black Friday deal and only cost me $40, but the fact remains that it was working perfectly fine until I had to install a firmware update that THEY provided to resolve an issue that THEY were aware of.

I will NOT be purchasing another LG player, not because I don't trust the product, but because support has been abysmally slow. I originally submitted a repair claim via their website, as I like to have written record of support issues. I've been burnt one too many times by a company saying they entered something into the notes but when I call back there is no record of our previous conversation. Companies will say they are recording for quality purposes, and while it is true that the calls are recorded, we as customers cannot request a review of the calls when this happens.

We are at the mercy of the reps, so I prefer to do things by email. I understand this is a slower method, but I want records. I submitted my case on 1/3 and heard nothing for 2 weeks. I then called LG and provided them my case number but they told me it was invalid and suggested I try again.

So I did just that, calling immediately after I submitted and verifying that the new case number was valid. I then waited for about a week before I received an email from a "DONOTREPLY" address asking me to provide a copy of my receipt. Since I bought this online, all I could provide was a copy of my invoice as there wasn't an official receipt. I submitted this to them and heard nothing back for 5 days, despite the insistence of the email that I would hear back within 24-48 hours.

I called LG again on 1/15 and asked about the status. They told me then that the invoice was not enough proof as there wasn't a Walmart logo visible. So I had to go to Walmart's web site and print the invoice there to reproduce the "receipt" with Walmart's logo on it. They provided an email address to submit it to.

After this came yet another long wait before finally, on 1/31, I received a call letting me know that they had approved a refund as the device is no longer being made and they don't have a comparable model. I was told I would receive an email containing a letter I would need to affix labels from the back of my player to as well as a tracking number, but this never materialized. 8 days later I received a letter in the mail from LG that contained these items, so I guess he misspoke. So now I am waiting for the check from them.

In the end, I guess I should be thankful they took care of this, but it should NOT have taken over a month to do so. Some fault can lay on me favoring the web method, but if you're going to offer the option and have a website for it, you need to state clearly that it's going to take AT LEAST a week to get a response instead of 1-2 days.

Muscat, Masqat, Oman #593860

Using BP120 fixed my problem. I am hesitant to try the BP125 firmware update and make it useless again. Am I losing any functionality by leaving it on BP120?

Orlando, Florida, United States #587491

I had the same problem playing a Bluray of Prometheus I bought at Target. I uploaded the firmware update from the LG website and all I get is the LG lifes good screen nothing more.

This was a gift from my son. LG wont communicate with me on this. I trusted LG and now that trust is gone. Ill buy American next time.

Now all I have is a piece of *** caused by LG. Maybe they'll listen to a class action lawsuit. If they have a fix Ill be happy. I have a wall of nice blurays but now they're unwatchable.

No Bluray player means no movie purchases from Walmart, Target, Best Buy or anyone else that sells movies.

Elgin, Illinois, United States #587396

Strahlemann --- We bought this player for our kids along with the Brave Blu-ray, same issue. They didn't open until Christmas, so I just checked, saw all this, and downloaded the 12-8 version you are talking about.

I figured, worst case, it bricks and I bring it back to the store. So far the upgrade worked, did not brick the unit, and the movie is well past the 5:12 mark and playing fine.

So it seems that the 12-8 upgrade is correct. I will come back and comment if any more issues occur.

Ludenscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #586037

same problem here


This update didn't fix any issues...It made them worse...The update completely bricked it, I can only hope walmart will take it back.


LG yesterday published a new firmware on their website for the BP125: newest version is now from 12/08/2012, replacing the one from 12/05/2012. I guess this one is a corrected one but got no possibilty to check this at the moment. Can anyone confirm this one is working?


Same here.

I downloaded the new software update for my LG BP125 from 12.05.2012 and followed the installations instructions.

Player turned off and on again, but doesn't come the start menu anymore. Stops with "LG...Life's Good"... Totally pissed now.

Is there a hard reset button?

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