my wife and i purchased french door bottom freezer/fridge dec. 2011.

Power surges constantly interrupt the function of appliance. Have thrown at least thousand dollars of food in past nine months. When cleaning it on 9-14-2011 wife was cleaning removable glass shelve that covers over top of veggy and potatoe bins and glass shelves literally exploded in her hand. This has become a dangerous situation requiring immediate intervention.

Beware of lg appliances use extreme caution. When the personnel from Jetsons appliance have serviced numerous times find nothing wrong, very frustrating to this consumer,very unsatisfied at this time gary and cindie massing psl, fl

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THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN DAMAGE!!! We purchased LG model LFX25971SB on 11/11/08 for $2272.75, from The Home Depot, with french doors and an external ice delivery system.

The initial problems, within a week of delivery, were with the ice maker that was constantly messing up, leaking, not working - the list of problems with the ice dispenser are numerous. I have always had problems with freezing in the lower part of the main refrigeration unit and cannot estimate how much food has been wasted with that problem. The next issue came around a year after purchase when I noticed that the cabinet next to the unit was showing cracks in the finish - these are maple. Perplexed I pulled the unit out and found that a small pin-hole had burst on the water line leading up to the dreaded ice maker.

The hardwood floor underneath was stained and buckling so the leak had been there for awhile. With both of these service issues I got horrible customer service from LG. They are skilled at refusing to accept a problem may be with their product. With regard to the water line needing repair - my cost, around $100.00.

Next, I opened the freezer one day to find it had nearly completely frozen over. I called them, no one claimed to have ever heard of this - another complete loss of food and several hours of defrosting and cleaning. They thought is was just a temperature issue - I had not changed the setting ever! Then on Sunday, while walking across my kitchen floor I nearly tripped over the buckled wood floor at least 5 feet from the unit.

Now it was *** water from underneath! The service guy that showed up today said a valve blew out and that it is not covered by the warranty. This wreck of a machine has ruined my kitchen floor and the poor excuse for a company will not do a thing about it. Repair bill for the valve around $180 - floor and cabinet repair - thousands.

This product has been a complete nightmare from the time we bought the refrigerator. The company refuses to stand by the product.

It is inconceivable to me that it is acceptable to them to not take responsibility for this defective product, knowing it has done this much damage and claim it is not a manufacturing flaw. I have to take time off from work to wait on repair people, sometimes all day, in addition to the ridiculous time spent on the phone.


My 4 year old lg french door refrigerator is literally falling apart - The electronics don't work - which means that none of the settings can be changed, like the article above, the vegetable crisper has disintergrated - twice - not to mention another shelf and the seal (which have also disintergrated. Buyer bewrare when purchasing lg products.

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