Less than two years ago; I purchased a Bottom Freezer LG Refrigerator. The bottom freezer is a pull out drawer with a pull out ice cube maker.

This Freezer had many calls since 12-08-10 and the warranty ran out on 12-08-11.

The problem is that the ice cube maker does not shut off and keeps making cubes. They have replaced the ice cube maker, the tub that holds the cubes and the arm that is supposed to shut off the cube maker.

What happens is that the tub overflows and when the tray is pulled out, the cubes fall to the floor of the freezer.

This floor becomes so full that when the freezer unit is pulled out, the cubes scrape onto the kitchen floor. At 88 years of age; this is a *** of a problem for me to get down there and pick up dozens of ice cubes.....What a hunk of JUNK.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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