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I am extremely dissatisfied. The dryer (DLEX3875V) of less than three months won't heat.

I called LG on Tuesday and was referred to a business they said would do warranty work on my dryer. They gave me a request number to give the business. When I contacted the business an answering machine came on that had a business name different from what LG gave me. I called LG back and explained and was told sometimes businesses do contract work under different names and to call the business back during normal business hours.

I called the business back the next day and was informed they no longer do LG warranty work. I called LG back and explained the situation and was told by the customer service representative they were referring it to their locate department and they would call me back. They gave me a request number for this. Saturday rolls around and I still haven't heard back from LG so I called them back.

They said they did not have my information on file. I went through this every time I called. To make a long story short, LG said they would not pay mileage to have someone come and service our dryer under warranty.

This sure doesn't make my life easier with two small children having to run back and forth to and from the laundry mat. Maybe LG should strive to make sure they have service technicians in areas their appliance are sold in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

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