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LG Corporate blew me off and could care less about you as a consumer. A few years ago I purchased an LG Refrigerator.

Within 3 months of ownership the problems began. I called for warranty service (Home Depot/GE extended warranty) and when the repairman arrived he took one look and said "I can't fix this, it's an LG. Only LG certified technicians can repair and order parts for LG products". I called the warranty service company and they could only refer me to shops that were outside my service area (Seattle, WA).

What this meant was, that there were not any "LG certified" technicians in Seattle. What? No techs in a Major metropolitan city? How can you sell a product in a major U.S.

city and not have anybody to service the product. I sent an email to LG Corporate asking what they were going to do for me and how I could get my fridge repaired. Their reply was simply..."call your extended warranty company". Wow!

I never even mentioned having an extended warranty and they didn't even bother to ask questions or even bother with a "Sorry"....nope, just "call your extended warranty company".

SCREW they have a Class Action Lawsuit for this product and have to extend their original warranty in order to allow consumers to get (or try to get) their refrigerator repaired with an new and improved part. Corporate America really sucks...The consumer can just live with crappy products and the Executives just keep getting rich.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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