Time of chat: 10/10/2013 11:35:28 AM

Length of chat: 01:41:34

Your name: Guest

Chatted with: Michelle

11:35 AM Michelle: Hello, Guest. Can I help you with anything today?

11:35 AM Guest: Hi is anybody there ?

11:37 AM Guest: Any body there ?

11:39 AM Michelle: Hi

11:40 AM Guest: Hi

11:40 AM Guest: I am looking for a LG Skype Camera for our TV 60LM7200

11:41 AM Guest: http://www.lg.com/ca_en/tv-accessories/lg-AN-VC400

11:41 AM Guest: this is the link of the product which i have seen on LG Canada website

11:42 AM Michelle: give me a moment

11:42 AM Guest: ok

11:42 AM Michelle: let me check if that is the correct model for your TV

11:44 AM Guest: OK, If you have AN-VC500 and that also works with 60LM7200 that will also be fine because AN-VC500 is Full HD 1080p and AN-VC400 is 720p

11:46 AM Michelle: where did you purchase your TV?

11:46 AM Guest: Futureshop Canada

11:47 AM Michelle: because this unit is a US model not Canada

11:48 AM Guest: Yes but futureshop was selling this model here from futureshop online and at futureshops as well

11:49 AM Guest: I have seen this model available on bestbuy US as futureshop Cananda and bestbuy is a same company may be they brought this US model to sale here

11:51 AM Guest: I even bought extra warranty from LG Canada for this TV and there was no problem from LG Canada for that about this TV

11:51 AM Michelle: ok one moment

11:51 AM Guest: sure

11:58 AM Michelle: this unit skype camera is AG-F300

11:59 AM Guest: can i see the specifications ?

12:00 PM Michelle: unfortunately we do not have that information

12:00 PM Guest: i never heard this model from LG Skype Camera ( AG-F300 )

12:01 PM Michelle: because that is a old model camera

12:02 PM Guest: How come a 2012 model TV cant use 2012 model Skype Camera ?

12:02 PM Guest: You may be taking about this model http://www.lg.com/au/tv-accessories/lg-AN-VC300-tv-accessory

12:02 PM Guest: which is LG AN-VC300 not AG-F300

12:05 PM Michelle: apologize madam but it is AN-VC300 Skype camera

12:05 PM Michelle: AG-F300

12:05 PM Michelle: are 3D glasses

12:06 PM Michelle: sorry

12:06 PM Guest: I am not a madam i am Sir

12:07 PM Michelle: sorry

12:08 PM Guest: So you mean to say that 60LM7200 is not compatible with LG AN-VC400 and it can only run with LG AN-VC300 is this what you mean ?

12:08 PM Michelle: yes

12:09 PM Guest: But LG website says you can use LG AN-VC400 with 60LM7200

12:10 PM Guest: How come you says we can't use it ?

12:14 PM Michelle: the AN- VC400 is compatible with LA6205/ LA6900/ LA7600

12:14 PM Guest: Here is a Questions and Answers from LG about 60LM7200 TV

12:14 PM Guest: http://answers.lg.com/answers/7676/product/MD05018820/lg-electronics-60lm7200-questions-answers/questions.htm

12:15 PM Guest: QUESTION Is Skype supported on 60LM7200 LED TV? Can you please let me know if Skype is supported on 60LM7200 LED TV? thanks Category: I own this product Interested in: How To use ASKED 10 MONTHS AGO User Name: srinvas ON 60LM7200 0out of 0found this question helpful. Answer this question 1 ANSWER We appreciate your interest in this television. This unit is designed with Skype available through the online apps. A video camera, model AN-VC400, will be required to use this feature. STAFFEXPERT ANSWERED 10 MONTHS AGO User Name: NeilE 2out of 2found this answer helpful.

12:15 PM Michelle: if you go to skype.com/shop

12:15 PM Michelle: you will see the information

12:17 PM Guest: http://www.lg.com/ca_en/tv-accessories/lg-AN-VC400 See the page from LG and read what it says

12:17 PM Guest: Get the family together and talk to friends and loved ones all from the comfort of your living room. The LG Smart TV Camera is compatible with 2012 LG Smart TVs.

12:18 PM Michelle: yes that is right

12:18 PM Guest: Compatible Models : 2012 High-end LG Smart TV & 2013 Mid-end LG Smart TV

12:18 PM Michelle: you can use it

12:22 PM Guest: I just wonder what kind of sale service LG is having that LG own people don't know what product can be used for what model ?

12:22 PM Guest: its very strange to me.

12:23 PM Guest: my main concern is i am looking for that AN-VC400 to buy in Canada and i live in BC from where i can buy it.

12:24 PM Michelle: sorry for all the inconvenience, but i am nit from the sales department

12:25 PM Michelle: we can see exactly same information that you have on the web

12:28 PM Guest: In that case i have more info about a product than you. you are not even sure which model can be use for which product. you did not even check from LG website and you just said from skype website and said to me that can not be used with your TV

12:29 PM Guest: Even the information on LG Canada says you can use it but as a representative of LG you are replying on 3rd party website not your own

12:29 PM Guest: this is what the product manual says ( The AN-VC400 is a Video Call Camera that can be used with some LG TVs. The following model lines are supported: LCD TV: LM9, EM9, LM8, LM7, LM6, LM5(Japan only), LS57, LS3(Japan only), LA74, LA6, LN6, LN57, LN56, LN46 PDP TV: PM9, PM6, PA66, PA69(Korea only), PA47 (Korea only), PM4, PH67, PH66, PH47, PN67, PN57, PN47 (*every model line listed is not available in every country).)

12:36 PM Michelle: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

12:37 PM Guest: No you did not answer me my main question

12:37 PM Guest: I wanted to buy this that's why i am here wasting time you guys

12:38 PM Guest: I wanted to buy this for my TV that product is shown on LG Canada but i don't know from where i buy

12:38 PM Michelle: id id you can buy it

12:38 PM Michelle: i did

12:39 PM Guest: From where ? I can buy there is no option to buy from LG Canada website

12:39 PM Michelle: ebuy.com

12:41 PM Guest: ebuy.com ? are you sure they sell LG Skype Camera ?

12:41 PM Michelle: yes

12:41 PM Michelle: that is correct

12:42 PM Guest: can you gave me the link of the product from "ebuy.com" from where i can buy LG AN-VC400 Skype Camera

12:44 PM Michelle: www.ebuy.,com

12:45 PM Guest: "ebuy.com" does not have this product at all

12:51 PM Guest: I am connecting LG Canada to buy a product and LG representative is saying to me to buy from "eBuy.com" which is not even a Canadian site and not even directly sell any product its just provide you search from different stores. I am very much disappointed from your service. looks me you may be just promoting "eBuy.com" I wanted to buy product local if i have to buy from any website there are thousands even skype sells as well. why i have contact with LG Canada for that purpose

12:53 PM Michelle: LG do not sell any product directly, you always need to go with our authorized dealers

12:54 PM Guest: is eBuy.com what you mentioned one of the LG's official and authorized dealer ?

1:00 PM Guest: is eBuy.com what you mentioned one of the LG's official and authorized dealer ?

1:03 PM Guest: Is anybody there ?

1:05 PM Guest: Hello

1:07 PM Guest: Is anybody there ?

1:08 PM Guest: Hello ....

1:08 PM Guest: Why you runaway ?

1:15 PM Guest: I should report to LG about this kind of service

1:15 PM Guest: are you there ?

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Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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