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My $2400 LG fridge compressor died at 11 months. Rep said she scheduled an appt with an authorized dealer the next day and to call and confirm. I sat on the phone and called every hour, only to get vm. Next day goes by and no one showed up. I called and was told they cancelled because no one confirmed? Gawd...nightmare. I now had to wait 4 days for a LG tech. He comes out to fix it, and it now works, but is so loud it rattles the entire fridge. Now waiting for someone to come back.

I've lost about $200 worth of veg/fruits/meat...

My next fridge will NOT be an LG...nor will my next appliance be LG. Life is NOT good with LG

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You can claim the food loss on your homeowner's insurance in most cases. Just a thought, tho by doing so you not only may increase your premium next year or you will have one "strike" lodged against you and after a certain number of claims, they will drop you like a rock.

Regarding the fridge, it appears the tech didn't secure the compressor properly and thus, the noise and rattling. This happens with semi-qualified repairmen. Good luck.

Next time, buy a simple, no bells and whistles appliance for a much cheaper price and throw it out when it breaks. Remember this when the unit breaks in the near future and it is not covered under warranty.

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