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LG or Lucky Gold Star is a particularly hopeless and arrogant company. Despite emails to the Korean managers;;;;;;;;;;; none have had the curtesy to acknowledge my emails and reply to my concerns.

July 4th my $2000 French door fridge with all my party food inside stopped working and while a technician came quickly he didn’t know what was wrong and took the fridge away. Days later the technician reveals the compressor is bad a new one is needed, so he orders one from Korea via a slow boat and its fitted and fridge returned and I restock it with food and a day later it’s obvious it doesn’t freeze. More food thrown away and the fridge goes back to the technicians workshop. Another compressor ordered and these are the 10 year warranty compressor you see advertised in the USA and around the world….well they don’t last and after the second compressor does not correct the problem my 4 year old fridge is pronounced unrepairable.

The message here is that LG does not stand behind its 10 year warranty it is a marketing myth. Let’s not ask the question why the parts always need to be ordered from Korea?

As I have got to know the repair technician it has become obvious the LG has so many repair problems that his field office has grown considerably to handle all the defects.

Yes LG has major QC and reliability issues it is trying to keep this hidden from consumers.

My constant complaining and instance has brought me an offer of a new fridge but it’s only a promise and hasn’t been fulfilled because apparently head office didn’t send enough money to buy the replacement! I actually offered to pay the additional $50 but was told it was too late. So no fridge for me…..

I have heard so many stories now about new products failing it’s become a joke with me and the repair man. You really should not trust LG products because they are unreliable in my experience and worse LG can’t fix them.

If you have a similar experience you should add your issue to this site and embarrass LG……I can certainly add more products but they are not mine so I will not.

In my opinion you should not trust LG Lucky Gold Star products and maybe try Samsung or just buy Sears…you can trust Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I am currently battling a very similar issue with my $2000+, barely 3 year old refrigerator. I, too, have been trying to make contact with those who supervise the supervisors but everything has been a long and grueling process for me and the local techs that have tried to fix my fridge (to no prevail).

It's been nearly 3 weeks and still no resolution. What was your outcome?

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